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The Types of Operating Systems

The Types of Operating Systems

The Types of Operating Systems

The Types of Operating System


An operating system is a kind of software program which enables the computer hardware to operate with the computer software. The main function of the operating system is to provide the interface between the hardware and the user. For hardware tasks, the operating system is an intermediary between the computer hardware and application programs.


An operating system consists of several parts and one of the most important parts is the kernel. It controls low-level processes which the average user cannot see. It controls how the memory is written and read, how information is received, decides how to interpret the information received and the order in which the processes are executed. Operating systems are the important part of the computer system. It allows the user to write application programs with lesser consumption of time.


There are four types of operating system and they are categorized as:


  1. Real Time Operating System

It is an operating system which is useful for control and measurement applications. It is specially designed to run applications with a high degree of reliability and precise timing. The real time operating system was designed for two classes of application which are closed-loop control and event response. The close loop control system is continuously processing feedback data in order to adjust outputs. In contrast, the event contrast response applications require a response to a stimulus in some period of time.


  1. Multiuser Operating System,


The operating system allows multiple users to use the resources using a single computer simultaneously. It has been the most common type of bar code system. It uses serial ports of connections to a single computer or other computer system to multiple terminals or bar code readers. Examples of multi-user operating system are Unix, Windows 2000 and Linux.


  1. Single User, Single Task Operating System


It is a type of operating system which is developed for a single user using a computer or similar machine. It is responsible for handling different tasks and managing memory usage and other resources, including hardware connectivity. A single user that is a single task is made for use with an electronic device which will only run once at a time. Home computers and office computers have this type of OS.


  1. Single-user, multi-tasking 


The multi-tasking single user operating system is used when the user intended to run multiple programs at once. This is used when browsing the web, running a graphic, typing note, playing music, etc. Take note that even a single-user OS can connect to another computer through a network; it is still used by a single user. Other computers can access the data on the computer, not unless the users of those computers can run applications on the computer on their end, it is still considered as single-user system.


While the operating system is already included in the computer, you may still upgrade and change the operating systems if you want. The three most common operating systems are manufactured by Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X.






The Types of Operating System