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Extreme Sports

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Extreme Sports

extreme sports

extreme sports


Despite being more and more technologically dependent, people today can’t seem to get enough of extreme sports and the inimitable thrill that it has in store for those bold enough to attempt it. While the rudimentary procedures of extreme sports have been left relatively unchanged by the growing tide of innovation and improvement, a significant change in the field of extreme sports equipment can be seen clearly, whether one is a die-hard extreme sportsman or not. The growing rise in more innovative extreme sports equipment is arguably one that has been going on for quite some time now, with its frequency still nearing (but not yet attaining) its zenith.

In a nutshell, while extreme sports and their methods have remained practically the same, the general idea of one’s safety needing to be in the forefront, and the overall fun-factor and said to be ‘increased’ by the novelty of state-of-the-art equipment has made the world of extreme sports the perfect ground for new and more hi-tech innovations.

While back in the old days, one had very little concern for safety – it being part and parcel of the ‘thrill’ one was after – nowadays, troves of equipments have been especially designed to not only provide the most aesthetically pleasing appeal possible, but to ensure the utmost safety and security of extreme sports enthusiasts. Of course, safety isn’t all that the companies who dish out these items are concerned about, as improved performance, maneuverability, control, or usability are also highly influential factors when contemplating about modernistic innovations in the field of extreme sports equipment.

With the growing availability of space-age materials made accessible to the general industries, equipment once initially reserved for heavy-duty use by only select sectors have now been largely incorporated into the world of extreme sports. Fiberglass, titanium, carbide-metals, specialized alloys, lightweight ceramics, and space-age plastics can now be found incorporated into everything from skateboards to safety gear.

Customizability of equipment’s has also become quite a trend in recent years, although no longer in a similar ‘do-it-yourself’ light. Extreme sports has also been coupled with modern technology, making it possible to document stunts, tricks, or excursions with ease through the simple integration of recording devices to specific equipments. As a nod to safety, most equipment now even come with the capacity to be tracked or otherwise synchronized to a GPS system, making it easier to locate individuals who inadvertently encounter accidents during their stunts.

The preference for ‘innovative’ equipment has spawned an entirely new field of industry focusing more on the scientific aspect of extreme sports more so than its ‘fun-factor’. Despite the ‘lab-mentality’ that has now managed to seep into what was once originally a non-scientific past-time, it is due to the technological innovations leveled at the field of extreme sports that added safety and enjoyment has been made possible.

While it is true that most technologically advanced equipment tends to be a tad pricey, it is without a doubt a worthwhile investment not only for the sake of your performance (which undoubtedly comes first and foremost), but your general well-being as well. While in the past, extreme sports were largely left to Lady Luck’s whims, nowadays, one has science to back one up in nearly every conceivable situation imaginable. Whether this reduces the thrill that extreme sports have, or whether this makes it even more fun is, however, still largely debatable.


Racket Sports of Yesterday and Today

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Racket Sports

Racket Sports


Racket sports are old games being played by players holding a racket. The racket is primarily used to hit a ball or other objects. Racket sports are very popular throughout the world, being almost played by nations across the globe. Some of the most popular ones are tennis and badminton.

Tennis is one of the racket sports loved almost in America, Europe, Asia and Australia.  Tennis originated in France where it was believed it was first played by Louis X. Louis X of France played an indoor game where a ball is struck by the palm of his hand. This game became popular and later evolved to the modern day tennis. It was only in the 16th century that rackets were used to hit the ball. The game was then named ‘tennis’ which means ‘to take’ in French. The game became more popular and spread across Europe. King Henry VIII of England became so interested in this game. It was during his reign that tennis came to be the real tennis of the modern times.

The main equipment used in tennis, of course, is a racket. The earliest rackets were more or less uniform in size and shape. They are typically made of wood and shaped in an elliptical frame with woven strings tightly pulled to form a matrix. During the early times, the strings are made of animal gut. It was only after a hundred years when lighter materials were used to construct the frame of tennis rackets. Carbon graphite, titanium alloy not only provided speed but also gave power and precision.

The next equipments used were balls made of hollow rubber covered with felt material. During the first years of the evolution of tennis, the balls are colored white. It was only in the 20th century when the color was changed from white to optic yellow for better visibility. Tennis court surfaces are of different types. The most common of these which are very popular in US and France are the clay courts. The surfaces of these courts are actually made of hardened bricks. For some courts, the surfaces are made of concrete, grass, carpet and wood.

Badminton is another popular racket sport. It originated in British India during the 18th century, being played by British soldiers. The game evolved in England and spread across the neighboring nations. Though the game originated from England, competitive games were dominated by Denmark. The game spread in Asian countries as well. Nowadays, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia and China are the ones dominating the game in international settings.

Unlike tennis, a shuttlecock is used as a ball. A shuttlecock is a conical shaped projectile with overlapping feathers attached to a cork base. There are two types of shuttlecock. Synthetic shuttlecocks are an alternative to shuttlecocks made of real feathers. These synthetic shuttlecocks have durable plastic skirts. As feather shuttlecocks tend to break easily, synthetic varieties are widely used.

Racket sports have gone a long way from their original forms. Every year, new materials, equipment, and game rules are being discovered. Aside from ball games, racket sports are being loved almost by everybody. They will always continue to excite people in the world of sports in the years to come.