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running3 Many people avoid running because apparently, it exerts too much physical effort and time. There’s a certain freedom in running that there are many triathletes and even ordinary people avidly running in races. They experience it every time, and those who do not run have no idea what the feeling of freedom is. The fact is: running is for everybody, and there are no requisite skills that you need before running besides the obvious. Running is overall beneficial not only for physical health, but also for one’s personality as well. If you’ve lived sedentary for years, you can start running for about three to five minutes, with intermittent jogs or brisk walking to start your body.  As to what exact benefits you can achieve by running, here are the health benefits to help you motivate.

  • It’s good for the bones, and muscles, particularly the heart. We could’ve just said that it’s good for the body, but we’ve got more of that later. Running stresses your bones, and that stress forces your bones to create minerals that respond to that stress. The result: stronger, denser minerals. The muscles equally react to this stress, which develops it to be more resistant to muscle injuries and fatigue. It particularly develops the muscles, tendons, and ligaments on the lower body.  The heart, being the largest muscle in the body, is also developed consequentially. It enables your heart to pump more without much effort.
  • It helps you control diseases in your body. Some of the most common diseases can be particularly avoided with some minutes of running each day. For instance, running can improve the elasticity of the arteries, improving your blood circulation and reducing the risks of high blood pressure. Heart diseases like cardiac arrest and stroke are avoided, considering how the effect of running for the heart is. Continued running improves your respiratory track, lessening the effects of asthma, or the severity of it.
  • It makes you lose weight. This is perhaps what you’re after. Running breaks down the fat in your body, making it more manageable for burning. In other words, running makes you sweat, and sweating is losing weight. Running also lessens your appetite, so you won’t have to eat a lot. However, appetite lost in running may come back two fold or so. It’s important to personally control your appetite to make your weight loss plans work. If you’re concerned with the sagging skin after losing weight, running tightens your skin, too. If there are miracle foods to lose weight, running is the miracle exercise to lose weight.
  • It improves how you look at your body. There are studies that back up the mental efficiency of running. Since you’re losing weight, and this is important for obese people, the act itself boosts your self-image, concerning that you’ve already done something to lose those fats. If you’re anxious or depressed, running enables your brain to release chemicals that improves your mood.


Seeing how the simple act of running can give you a lot of benefits more than your boss, there’s no way to refuse a minute of running for a day. If you want to really lose weight, running is best with other exercise routines and a very balanced diet.