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Photography in progress

Photography in progress

Photography is not merely all about taking pictures. It is an art or abstract where many people fail to take a grasp about it. So if you want to capture epic moments, then this page will provide you enough details to transcend from being a novice to an expert.

For many people, getting decent picture will require a high quality and expensive camera. However, both expensive and ordinary camera can offer exceptional images. Just take note that the photographer is equipped with technical skills and knowledge in taking pictures.

Keys for Successful Photography

Getting a good picture will greatly depend on the techniques or methods employed by a photographer. So if you are a novice in this field and have that in depth desire to capture quality images, here are the basic guidelines that you have to stick with. Check it out!

  • Making use of a plain background

Before taking any picture, always do first an assessment of the background. Make it sure that there is nothing that covers up the subject such as twigs of a tree or poles. In this manner, a plain and organized background will give emphasis on the subject.

  • Take pictures at subject’s eye level

This is another guiding principle in photography. When you snap at your kid or pet’s eye level, it will create an inviting and personal feeling. Hence, capture images when you see those spellbinding smiles.

  • Move closer to the subject

If you want to take a powerful snapshot, then move closer to your subject until it fills the viewfinder. You can also zoom in or use the “flower mode” to show off the subject’s details. Furthermore, eliminate the background for a better impact.

  • Focus

Focus is one important factor in obtaining a sharp picture. You can do this by simply putting the subject at the center of the viewfinder. Afterwards, the shutter button is pressed down halfway. It is then followed by reframing of the picture while holding the steadily the shutter button. For the finishing, push down the button all the way.

  • Flash outdoors

The flash also has its shares in improving images. Therefore, make use of the flash setting when taking pictures during daytime. In this manner, it will help lighten up the shadows under the eyes and nose.

During cloudy days, flash has a great role. It will make the subject standout from the pale weather by brightening its face.

  • Light

Light is one basic element in capturing great pictures. If you want scenic images, take pictures during the early and late daylight. More so, it is also important for a photographer to study the effects of light in relation to the images.

  • Practice and practice

Another important guiding principle in photography is practice. In this manner, you can hone your skills and learn more in the process.

Without a doubt, photography is an artistic passion that will require technical skills and knowledge. In this respect, the mentioned principles will serve as guidelines for quality and memorable images.





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Art brings harmony into your life and soul. It soothes you, enlivens you, brings excitement and finds expression in a variety of ways. So much appreciated and so adored, art is a manner of satisfying one’s visual senses and crave for aesthetics.
No matter what kind of art you are fond of – architecture, painting, theatre, music, photography or fashion, you will certainly find peace, harmony and beauty in its fascinating world.
In the past, art was associated with crafts and sciences. In the modern world, art is a manner of self-expression and conveying one’s emotions, fears, dreams, aspirations or spirituality. It can also be a way of interaction with the external world.
Art can be interpreted or characterized by forms, shapes, movements, sounds and overall creative concepts.
The word art can provoke several different connotations and could be interpreted in a variety of ways. It may refer to the inspirational process of creating art. It can also mean a product of art or it can be associated with the effect that art itself has on people. Art can be divided into several different categories on the basis of its overall creative elements. It can be still (paintings, design, photography, etc), it can be in the form of performance (theatre, opera, music, etc), or it can have mixed elements.
When it comes to classical paintings and old-time graphical representations, art fits into three major categories based on the historical period into which it belongs – classical art, medieval art and renaissance art.
Classical art features harmony and proportion. It tends to idealize the object that it portrays. Typically classical art does not present emotions and it depicts any type of individuals – from iconic public figures to heroes and ordinary people. Active figures were in the center of art and motion was typically depicted in a credible manner.
Medieval art is characterized by its more traditional perspective when it comes to forms and individuals. Very often medieval art conveys religious ideas and it has a clear focus on social hierarchy when individuals have been depicted. For example, public figures with higher social importance were depicted with larger proportions in comparison to other people. Minimal emotions and single-color backgrounds are other characteristic features of medieval art.
Renaissance art is characterized by religious or secular creative concepts that are often associated with nature and three-dimensional body figures. The interaction between light and physical objects was clearly depicted in renaissance paintings, and most depictions were plain, objective and incredibly symmetrical. Backgrounds were colorful and with a clear perspective. Individuals were featured either nude or fully clothed.
Nowadays, with technological progress, art has been presented from a different perspective. The concept of interactive and digital art is becoming more and more popular. Video games, web sites and digital graphics are turning into marvelous symbols of contemporary art.
No matter what kind of art you are a fan of, one thing is sure – art is a manner of relaxation and uplifting your spirits in the best possible way.