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Fashion. When this magical word floats in your mind, it immediately awakes ideas of glamour, beauty and trendy clothing.

Most often fashion is a word used to describe style. Fashion can find expression in an infinity of ways, but it is primarily reflected in the choice and combination of outfits, accessories, shoes and jewels. Fashion can be elegant or simple, bold or experimental, high-end or urban.  It is up to the designer and the mass population to decide their trend for the season. Fashion nowadays is a unique concept for every individual.

The idea of fashion has varied tremendously throughout the years. Before  mid-19th century, fashion clothing was always hand-made, tailored and customized in accordance with a person’s body figure and proportions. In the modern world, fashion is a mass-market industry and a product of the various needs of the consumerist society.

Fashion cannot be described with one word or phrase only. Fashion is not only about style, it’s about lifestyle.

Every designer has his own ideas of what is chic, trendy and impressive for the season. One of the most extravagant high-end fashion designers of all times, Roberto Cavalli, creates products that are mainly targeted to appeal to the lovers of glamorous, experimental and futuristic outfits.

Gucci caters to the sophisticated needs of all who prefer elegance and simplicity, while Prada aims to style the seekers of formality, proportion and ultimate level of sophistication.

Fabulous modern designs such as those produced by the French fashion guru Christian Louboutin have invaded the world of the high-end shoe market and have gained tremendous popularity among celebrities who use them to stun the world with their glossy, glittery, chic or extravagant heels. The more elegant ones may opt for Jimmy Choo, the Londoner who broke the boundaries of all that’s standard and traditional, and presented new fashion ideas that are fresh, playful and provocative all at the same time.

For the mass market, there are so many options to pick from. They range from the casual, slightly sportive look of the all-American brand Gap to the glamorous, incredibly chic world of the Italian-American label Guess and the sophisticated elegance of Zara.  The youthful and joyous spirit of the Miss Sixty fashion collections and the unique design elements of Mango are just a couple more examples of the multi-faceted world of modern fashion.

More and more often, major haute couture designers have started to release their own fragrances and accessories to complement their fabulous trendy collections.

Fashion is not only about accessories, clothing and shoes. It is often the main theme of glossy magazines, fabulous TV commercials, amazing TV programs and iconic movies.  Moreover, the world of fashion has its own TV channel, exclusively dedicated to the glamorous lifestyle of designers, models, talent scouts and show business representatives. 

For those  who’d like to read about fashion, there are numerous magazines such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Elle or Vogue – they are an excellent resource of fashion advices and beauty tips! Read through them – it’s fundamental to be fashionable!