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coaching4_smlEverybody wants to become better, smarter, more beautiful and athletic. We always want to be successful in everything we do. However, our lifelong experiences are not enough to equip us with situations we face every day as an employee, a mother, an athlete or maybe as a businessman. This is when coaching comes in. Coaching redirects our path to our goals and leads us where we want to go. Coaching can be formal, informal, simple or even complicated in so many ways possible. It can come as a simple instruction from your basketball trainer on how to pass the ball to your teammate so that your opponent cannot intercept it or a caring advice from your mother on how to work out on your relationships or it can turn as a complex set of instructions from your boss on how to manage your sales and finances effectively. When you hear these words from your trainer, mother or boss, you are actually being coached!

Coaching is any form of teaching or training in which someone gets support from a person to attain a goal. There are many ways on how coaching is done. There are different methodologies, models and techniques on how to facilitate learning. Coaching encompasses many fields.  Sports, personal development, psychology, organizational leadership and religious practices are some of the fields where coaching is commonly done.  Below are some examples of coaching applied to different fields.

Coaching in sports is the most common, popular and noticeable among others. Watching Phil Jackson giving detailed instructions to Scottie Pippen during a timeout is a concrete example on how coaching is done. It is expected in sports coaching that the coach knows more about the game and has more experience than the coachee. It is the role of the coach to train his athletes either to become better physically or to be smarter at the mental part of the sport.

Business coaching aims to provide advice to a business owner by a business coach to improve his effectiveness in his chosen business field.  There are organizations specifically founded for this purpose.  In the United States, there are thousands of people working as business coaches.  Business coaching is one of booming modern professions in the world today.

Health and wellness coaching is also one of the fastest growing industry nowadays.  With the advancement in health and medicine, it aims to help people understand more about their illnesses, present symptoms and prognosis and teaching them on how to prevent complications or further injury. Health and wellness coaches are expected to encourage people cope up with their medical conditions.

Coaching has always been viewed as a career. For the past several years, many coaches were found to have been making good money either full time or part time.  With a wide potential market and growing number of potential clients, many are looking to it as a viable career in the years to come. However, being a coach entails responsibilities. A coach must always be compassionate, understanding and patient.