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How To Eat Well When You’re Pregnant

How to eat well while pregnant

One of the many concerns every expectant mother would encounter during their pregnancy would be about their food intake. With the many do-s and don’t-s during pregnancy, it becomes a bit hard to figure out as to what one can eat. Here are some guidelines how to go about eating well during pregnancy:

  • Grains, such as oats and rice, are important during pregnancy. They contain levels of selenium, iron and magnesium that are needed by your baby for growing. Moreover grains contain fiber that is good for preventing constipation. It would be better if you opt to take whole grains, such as brown rice or rolled oats as these contain the most nutrients.
  • Do take vegetables and fruits regularly. Fruits will give you the vitamins and minerals your body needs to help you through pregnancy. For mothers who experience nausea, lemons are a good bet as they help neutralize the taste buds. Vegetables are needed to give you the extra vitamins as well. For vegetarians, pile up on dark green vegetables such as kale and spinach. These varieties are high in folic acid and iron which aid in the growth of the baby. Just make sure that the vegetables you eat are washed very well (if eaten raw).
  • For meat lovers, you can now have a field day. Now is the time to get a lot of protein intake. One easy way to ensure that you do get protein on a daily basis is by eating an egg daily. For your poultry, it is best to eat lean pieces of meat. Make sure that the meat is well cooked as undercooked meat might contain traces of salmonella which is harmful for the fetus. The same goes for fish. For those who are not partial to meat, eat a lot of nuts such as walnuts and almonds. Not only do they give you the protein you need, but you also get calcium from these nuts. You may also snack on cheese which can give you ounces of calcium and protein.
  • Do not deprive yourself from eating desserts. They do not contain any nutritional value. But if your palate is looking for something sweet, indulge a bit. Do not gorge as too much sweets would also be harmful to your child. Good alternatives to sugar are honey and coconut sugar. Honey has other benefits while coconut sugar has a low glycemic index.
  • Caffeine, in high doses, is advised against during pregnancy. One is allowed 225 mg of caffeine daily. So you do not need to give up your coffee just yet. Just cut down on your intake of coffee and be more mindful of other foods that contain caffeine such as chocolate and tea.

Remember that being pregnant is not a disease. It is just a condition that needs extra care. But you can do everything that you have been doing prior to the pregnancy, granted that your pregnancy is not a delicate one. Just always remember that the key to healthy eating is MODERATION. If you do crave for a cup of coffee or sushi, by all means go get it. Just do not do it on a regular basis. Once or twice during your pregnancy would not be harmful. Just remember to remain positive, think happy thoughts and everything will fall into place.