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How Computer Networking Works for Homes and Business.

How Computer Networking Works for Homes and Business

How Computer Networking Works for Homes and Business


In the computer world, networking is the practice of linking computing devices together to share data. That is the main purpose of computer networks, to move information from one point to another point. Beyond the said purpose, networks are divided by design, connection, architecture and size. The networks establish a server and a client. The client we are talking here can be computers, servers and machines. The clients can connect using the server via network software and hardware.


Networks are categorized in several ways according to the geographic area it spans. Take for example the Local area networks or LANs used for home, school and small office building. Likewise, the Wide area networks or WANS can reach across states, cities and across the world. The Internet is considered the largest public WAN. The two forms of network design are peer-to-peer and client/server. All computers support the same functions with a peer-to-peer network, while a client-server network centralized the server computers to store web pages, email, applications and files.


Home Network


A home network consists of two or more computers connected to form a LAN within the home. It allows the computer owners to interconnect two or more computers to share programs, files, printers and other peripheral device. With the use of Mobile Internet Protocol, the home network has its permanent IP address and the device can be plugged into other foreign networks by using a care-of address temporarily each time it is plugged. This allows the device to be located even when it is not plugged into its home network.



Home networks use both wire and wireless connections. The direct cable connect allows user to connect both computers with a null modem which plugs both computers’ parallel and serial. The traditional Ethernet network requires installing network interface cards inside each computer to interconnect them with a twisted pair cable. The AC network is used when computed are located in different places in your house. You can plug one end of an adapter into the port of your computer and plug the other end into the outlet. The phone line network uses existing phone lines and designed to use your internet connection and phone without any decrease in modem speed. Lastly, the Radio free network which uses frequency waves is used to transmit through floors and walls up to 800 feet.


Most network protocols like TCP/IP work in both wireless and wired networks. Networks with Ethernet cables are commonly used in homes and businesses for many years. While the wireless alternatives have also emerged as the premier technology for building computer networks that have triggered the spread of mobile networking.




Business Network


Most businesses can add additional data storage, communication system and security requirements, especially when venturing to expansion. If home network functions as one LAN, business network contains multiple LANs. Companies are utilizing wide-area networking to connect with their other branches located in different location. The use of voice over IP communication and backup technologies are wide-ranging in businesses to enhance employee business communication.

How Computer Networking Works for Homes and Business