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hockeyThere are a good number of reasons why many people love watching hockey games live. It is one of those sports that are so alive and intense that it is better seen in action instead of through a television screen. Aside from that, the energy of a live crowd is incomparable to any sports commentator’s voice or feedback.

But for hardcore hockey fans, the satisfaction of watching a game live does not just come from the crowd’s energy and zeal. Watching their favorite players on the ice as they precisely maneuver their sticks in order to get the puck into the goal is what the excitement is really all about. Ardent fans would understand the skills and proper style needed to skate in the ice while carrying their sticks and dealing with the contact from the other team. Not to mention, the speed needed while on the ice.

Just like any contact sport where a ball, or in this case a puck, needs to enter a goal, plays are involved and the difficulty of executing those plays on the ice is something that professional athletes are believed to be born with. And as fans watch their favorite teams battle it out in the ice, each experience just gets sweeter and more memorable.

For many people, the excitement of hockey is similar to the excitement that football fans get as they watch their favorite players get tackled in the field. While on the ice, players have to deal with checks – and this involves about two six-footers or more. Just like basketball, it’s got speed too. And perhaps it is faster because of how easy it is to get from one side of the court to the other side thanks to the skates. Also, just like soccer, teams get penalty kicks. However, when both teams are 0-0, a five minute overtime period is declared. And seeing all the action while being seated relatively close to the ice can really make a fan’s heart pump! Compared to other sports, the first row of bleachers is relatively close to the ice.

An average game has three 20-minute periods and with the speed involved in playing the game, it may seem like the time was too short. And just like in any contact sport where athletes may lose their cool, there is a big chance that there could be a fight. Though it is not considered sportsman-like, it adds to the excitement of any game. These could be what keep fans coming back for more action.

It is a very high-risk contact sport. Players have to be heavily padded with a helmet and mouthpiece because of the many risks like running into other players, getting hit by the puck or stick, and even hitting the ice face first.

Though some people may consider basketball and football more popular sports, hockey is a sport with a rich history and the excitement is unlike any other because no other contact sport is played on ice with this kind of speed.