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Health and Fitness Advice for Men

Health and Fitness Advice for Men


A lot of people confuse the term ‘fitness’ with having a perfect figure. This is actually just a portion of the real meaning of the term. Generally, fitness refers to the state of having great health and overall well-being. It is extremely necessary to maintain a healthy body in order for us to be able to focus on the other more important areas of our life, instead of wasting a lot of time treating illnesses, which is almost always associated with grumpiness. Being fit can be achieved through the intake of nutritious food in sufficient amounts, proper exercise, and enough sleep. Combining all of these factors is crucial, as failing in one area is a step further away from your goals.


While the meaning of the term ‘fitness’ in men varies from one person to another, the basics remain the same. These include greater immunity, improved endurance, increased strength, better structural composition, stronger and more muscle, as well as enhanced flexibility. The key to enhancing strength, burning more calories, hiking up the resting state metabolism, and improving your overall looks lies in your muscles.


So if you have finally decided that right now is the best time for you to start making your way towards health-oriented goals, here are a few physical health and fitness ideas for you to follow.


The standard exercise regimen is typically comprised of weight training and cardio workouts. Weight training is important, especially if you want specific parts of your body to be toned and if you want to build more muscle. Cardio workouts, on the other hand, are great for burning calories.


The number of reps, or repetitions, that you should do when it comes to weight training should be based on the exercise that you want to perform and the reason behind you wanting to do it. Why? It is simply because the effectiveness, the efficiency, and the number of reps are affected by your metabolism, by your genetics, by your age, by your nutrition, by your physical condition, and by your mindset. The process of weight lifting puts stress on the body, so in order to compensate, the body develops muscles.


Again, the number of reps that you should do depends on the factors mentioned above. Low reps often range from 1 to 5. These typically results in neurological change than changes in the muscle size. Performing low reps will make you stronger from a neurological point of view, with your strength coming from certain adaptations in your nervous system. Medium reps are those that range from 6 to 12. Here, the changes are metabolic and cellular. You will notice significant increase in the muscle size and also improvement in your strength. Higher reps range from 13 to 20, with the changes being purely metabolic. One thing to keep in mind is that higher reps only increase endurance locally and the increase in both strength and muscle size is very little.


With all these being said, you should keep in mind that the number of reps you should do should still be based on your own physical capabilities. Do not go beyond what you can just endure. Be determined, motivated, and committed. Allow yourself to recover before undergoing another exercise regimen. Be patient, as developing muscles do not happen overnight.