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Body Art

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Body Art


body artBody art can be temporary or permanent.  The most popular kinds of body art are tattoos, paintings and piercings. In the case of paintings, the removal of ornaments is easy and pain-free. Tattoos and body piercings have a more permanent duration, and  much more effort is needed for their removal.

Scarring is another form of body art but it is usually present as a part of a ritual or a ceremony. Shaping is also a type of body art whose purpose is to modify a body or change one’s silhouette almost completely. Other more extreme forms of body art include branding, scarification, full-body tattoos or subdermal implants.

The main goal of body art is to give an exquisite and exotic look to the body and use it as a canvass to portray artistic ideas and creative concepts. There is also a speculation that body art aims to present the body itself  in a more sensual light and make it more seductive and desirable. Body art often comes in handy during shows, spectacles, musical performances and dance rituals. Body art has also been featured in magazines as another  form of contemporary art.

Body art is gaining tremendous popularity worldwide but it emerged long time ago. For example, in the 1800s Italian artist Ketty La Roca  became  one of the most popular names in the world of body ornamentation. In France, Michel Journiac and Gina Pane have also created body art for the joy of its extravagant fans.

According to its history, body art appeared together with the human need to convey messages in a creative and extravagant manner.  The art of body decoration appears in various forms and mediums, including books, drawings, paintings and pictures.

Besides its purely artistic goal, body art has been often adopted to symbolize a person’s place in society, to celebrate a special moment in his/her life or to mark a special event. Most of the time, the art of body ornaments has been primarily used to follow a trend a fashion craze. Sometimes body art is just a manner of beautifying one’s image. No matter if it’s in the forms of piercings, tattoos, make-up, hairstyle or paintings, this type of art presents one’s body from a new perspective. It enlivens it and makes it look chic and fashionable.

Body art can also appear in the form of performance art in which artists use their bodies to portray aesthetics, deliver messages, interact with viewers or simply present a spectacle.

Body paintings used to be characteristic of tribalist cultures.  Body art was also an integral part of the spirituality and local habits of the predominant population of Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. It has a very powerful effect on observers and it can be an excellent way of experiencing an exotic culture.

Before opting for body art yourself, make sure you are ready to undergo a major (and magical!) transformation. Try to be creative as you can get but also keep within your limits!