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poker2Poker refers to different types of games that involves card. It involves a “pot” which refers to the total amount of money that the players have agreed to bet; this “pot” is being awarded to the player who has the ranking hand which is deemed highest among all the other players once all the other cards were shown or to the player who makes a bet which the other players are unwilling to match.

Poker is being played using 52 cards which is known as the standard pack, there are instances though, depending on what the players want, when a wildcard is being used in the game. The cards being used are ranked from highest to lowest. The role of the Ace can either be the lowest or the highest although at most times they are often regarded as high. The suits are all but of the same worth. The poker hands consist of a total of five cards where the one who possess the highest wins the game.

Here is the ranking of the traditional hands in a decreasing order (highest to lowest):

Straight Flush refers to five cards in a sequence; it should come from the same suit. The royal flush is considered as the unbeatable hand, this consists of the top 5 ranking which include the ace, king, the queen, jack and 10, and they should all come from the same suit. In the event that there is a tie, the one with the highest card in the sequence gets to win.

Four of a Kind is when the player has four cards that are of the same rank and the fifth card can be different which is referred to as the “kicker”. In the event where the other players have the same kind of hand, the one with the highest “kicker” wins the game.

Full House refers to having three cards which are of the same rank and the other two cards can be different but should have matching rank as well. In instances where the players have the same hand, the one with the three matching cards which is the highest gets the pot.

Flush is when there are five cards that came from the same suit. In the event of a tie, the player who holds the card with the highest rank gets to win the game.

Straight refers to the five cards which are in sequence; it doesn’t matter if they came from different suits. In events where the players have straight hand as well, the card on the top with the highest rank gets to take home the pot.

Three of a kind is having three cards which have the same rank and two cards which are not related to each other. If there is a tie, the one with the three cards which has the highest rank wins.

Two pair is two cards with a matching rank and another two of matching rank that is different and one card that is different from them referred to as the side card.

One pair is having two cards which have matching rank and three of them which are unrelated to each other.

High card refers to any hand that does not qualify to any of the other categories that were listed above.



The popularity of the game has reached the cyber world where more and more people are playing this game online. You will even find this as a form of entertainment in social media sites including Facebook.