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Cycling has been one of the oldest forms of exercise for many people. And not only is it

cycling2_smlused as a means for losing weight, it is also a great form of transportation which does not involve the consumption of gasoline or getting stuck in traffic. Bikes are also a part of many people’s childhood memories since they were used when kids play outdoors or when going around the neighborhood with their playmates and friends.

Riding a bicycle is a great and effective way to lose weight because of the cardio involved when pedaling. Since the legs and thighs are doing most of the work, there is an increased blood flowing throughout the body which increases the heart rate. Most people don’t know they are exerting so much effort (unless they are cycling uphill) because of the speed and the wind. But one can observe that after a prolonged bicycle ride of uphill and downhill battles, the sweat will be pouring through his pores.

Bicycles are also becoming a popular alternative to cars. With many environmental issues that are present today, people who are conscious of their contribution to greenhouse gas emissions are trying to use their bikes more often than they used to. Riding a bike is especially useful for short trips to a friend’s house, the convenience store or grocery, or even riding to work if it is only a few blocks away. Some people also prefer biking over gyms or fitness centers to get their cardio started. Whatever the bike ride is for, one is sure to find satisfaction in riding it instead of a car not just because it is eco-friendly and a way to better health but also because of how easy it is to breeze by traffic when on the bike.

Experts believe that riding a bike regularly helps improve one’s balance and overall coordination. Along with that, one’s physical well being will be enhanced giving a person more energy and making one feel stronger and healthier. And most people know that good exercise habits contribute to mental health, too.

Another thing that makes cycling a great exercise is that old people can do it. Unlike jogging, running, or contact sports that are intense aerobic activities, riding a bike does not take a toll on joints and bones. This means that there is less risk for injury. However, one must wear the proper gear especially when biking outdoors. Helmets, shoulder pads, and knee pads are available which help keep a biker safe. It can even be done at night when it is dark. Reflectors and lights may be attached to parts of the bike in order for it to be seen by speeding cars at night.

If you are looking to improve your overall health or are just looking for more ways to lose weight effectively, riding a bike is an excellent way to start. It will make you appreciate exercise, your city, and your neighborhood so much more. Just wear appropriate gear and you’re on your way to a healthier you!


Individual Sports

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Being active in sports can make us healthier since this can be a good form or exercise.  A person can choose whether he will engage himself in a team sports or individual sports, depending on what suits him more.  While team sports are ideal for those who work better with a group of people,rock climbing, scuba diving, skiing, snowboarding, and surfing.

For the individual sports, there are a lot you can choose from. Some examples of these are boxing, darts, fencing, cycling, equestrian, darts, golf, judo, wrestling, yoga, and pilates. Other more extreme and adventurous individual sports include rock climbing, scuba diving, skiing, snowboarding, and surfing. Meanwhile, some people may find themselves better suited for more conventional sports like swimming, taekwondo, tennis, and triathlon.

There are various things that one can learn from individual sports. Some are as follows:

1       Being Independent. It will teach you to be independent since you don’t have a teammate who will back you up. You’ll learn to stand on your own feet and keep yourself going. You don’t have any teammate to blame when a problem arises. You can only depend on yourself.  With this, you’ll learn how to be responsible for your own actions.

2       Building Confidence and Self-Esteem. Since this is a game of individuals, you will be the center of attention. This will help you get used to this kind of setup and eventually will make you comfortable at being the “star” of the event. This self-esteem that you can develop in this sport/s can also help you in other aspects of your life like dealing with different people and even during business transactions / presentations. 

3       Internal Motivation and Inspiration. Coach, parents, friends, and other supporters can be an inspiration for the athlete to go further and exert more to win the game. However, the athletes are still the ones who have to push themselves to get the award. Internal motivation and inspiration is more powerful than an external push.

4       Learning at your own pace. This kind of sports can let you learn and develop your skills at your own pace. This can remove pressure in catching up since you don’t have a team where your skills and abilities can be compared with. Also, you can have the chance to focus on strengthening your weaknesses without feeling inferior if you have teammates with you whose skills are far different from you.

Learning things individually can make you understand yourself more, including both your strengths and weaknesses. This can give you a better chance in addressing your own issues and concerns for you to be able to build yourself as a better athlete and as a better person. It can make you more competitive not just in sports but in other aspects of your life. This can also help you in making better decisions in the future. 

Any sports, regardless if it’s a team or individual has different benefits and learning’s one can gain.  One just needs to have an open mind for the new discoveries he may encounter. He must prepare himself to this wonderful experience and take a brave step as he enters the court / field.


Outdoors and Nature

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outdoors & nature2Outdoors and nature activities are recreational hobbies that can involve a wide outdoors2_smlvariety of leisure pursuits like backpacking, fishing, caving, kayaking, hunting, rock climbing, skiing, running, walking, surfing, mountaineering, rock climbing, horseback riding and cycling.  All of these activities have only two collective purposes and these are beneficial use to health and pleasurable appreciation of nature. Most of these activities, however, are also done as team sports and sometimes as teambuilding activities.

Physical fitness and social rewards gained from team outdoor and nature activities are really beneficial. Total physical development can really be attained by physical outdoor activities like jogging, running, brisk walking, hiking, bicycling and wall climbing. Though these activities involve physical activities to improve ones agility, flexibility and endurance, they are also mentally, emotionally and spiritually rewarding. A morning jog with you’re loved one is truly a significant moment to strengthen your relationship and bonding.  Outdoor activities being done as a team may bring about building strong social ties, team work and unity. Most employees indulge in outdoor team buildings to solidify their professional relationships recreationally.

Pleasurable appreciation of nature can lead to mental or spiritual nourishment and healthy meditation. Painting, photography and meditation can be also be physically rewarding. As an alternative to expensive tourism, outdoors and nature activities can be beneficial in terms of finding relaxation and attaining inner peace. They can also be activities that can facilitate education and social learning.

In summary, the benefits we can get from outdoors and nature activities are very many. Outdoor activities are good for the mind. They can reduce or prevent stress, improve one’s self-esteem, creativity and confidence. Furthermore, they can improve one’s spiritual growth and responses to challenges and adventures of life. Outdoor activities are good for the body.

One can get a good cardiovascular workout from a brisk walk in the park. Good muscular and aerobic workout can be done as you hike uphill. It also reported that one’s immune system improves by doing outdoor activities. Outdoor activities are also considered natural therapies to combat medical and psychological illnesses such as depression. Outdoors and nature activities will also improve one’s social life. Bonding with other people is always proven to be healthy.

This can improve one’s confidence and pride for one’s community and country. Outdoor activities are also good for the economy. According to study, people who regularly participated in outdoors and nature activities are more productive at work. Outdoor recreation also results in creation of job opportunities for others by uplifting local as well as national tourism.  Outdoor activities are good for the environment. They bring environmental awareness to people and thus people tend to care more about their surroundings and they participate more in issues concerning preservation of wildlife and natural parks, maintenance of cleanliness and love for nature in totality.

Outdoors and nature activities will always bring good not only to people but for the whole world as a whole. Enjoying life is enjoying the world we live in. Let us love, respect, and preserve this world we call our true home.

Outdoors & Nature

Outdoors & Nature