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Betting Systems

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Betting Systems

Betting System

Betting System

Betting systems. What’s the role that they play in gambling? Casinos can be an excellent way of making enough money to buy the luxury car you crave, purchase your favorite designers’ shoes or just pay your debt!

Gambling, however, doesn’t always pay off in the way we’ve imagined.  Often casino game fans look for alternative methods of boosting their profit such as deceit, strategic betting and other similar manipulative techniques. One of the most efficient modes for increasing your gambling profit is in the form of betting systems.

Casino betting systems are an effective manner of making your chances at winning higher. One of the most popular betting system is called the Martingale system, also known as being a long term loser. Gamblers often use it to recover their losses or win a bet. They can achieve all this by cheating the house.

The Iron Cross system promises a 80% win on the rolls. It has been used at craps tablets. Its major disadvantage is that if it allows a loss, it can be substantial.

If you want to keep your risk of losing your money minimal and still maintaining your profits high, resort to the Parlay System which is almost identical to the Paroli system.  Typically gamblers use this betting system to boost their bet and utilize house money.

When a lucky streak appears, the Labouchere System comes in handy.  Based on the same principle as the Martingale system,  the Labouchere System assist you in recovering your losses and locking in wins.

Betting systems have their opposites too! The Paroli system uses exactly the opposite principle of the Martingale system. Mostly utilized to minimize losses and bet with house money,  the Paroli system locks in wins and recovers losses.

Exclusively developed and adapted for roulette players, the D’Alembert system could be successfully implemented also at the craps tables. The principle of this betting system is that your chances of winning are higher after a loss and your chances of losing increase after a win.

The 1-3-2-6 System aims to catch winning steaks and manipulate house money.  The only problem with this betting system is that you only can change the size of bets and cannot really affect the game. You keep the house edge and in this way the risk of loss remains almost the same as before.

The only disadvantage of the betting systems is that each one is destined to fail. Long term profits cannot come as a result of betting systems. Betting systems can give you some long-term benefits, but if you play for an extended time period, you will certainly lose.

Every betting system has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the gamer to find which one will suit best his/her needs. Typically gamers go through all and evaluate them in detail in order to make their most reasonable choice.  In most cases, however, they take a huge risk.

Betting System

Betting System


Just make sure you are on the right track because the amount of loss during casino games can be substantial. Play wisely!