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Astrology and how it can affect our life

Astrology is one of the many fields of study that have baffled people for ages. Falling under the category of metaphysics, astrology is a field of study that deals with what is beyond the physical. Quite similar to other fields of study that are based on ancient theories on patterns of energy such as feng shui, it has been believed to be a science of the intuitive arts.

Astrology is the study that deals with the patterns and relationships between the motions of the planets in relation to the birth charts of people. It aims to find meaning in people’s lives that is believed to be related to the make up of the stars and planet. According to studies in astrology, the movements of the planets affect and influence everything that happens in this world. As we are part of the Universe, our time of birth would be affected by the energies going about due to the movements of the planet.

Though it is not that easy to understand, many take astrology as a means of getting to know oneself. By delving more into the world of astrology, one may get a deeper grasp of one’s role in the world. By looking at their birth chart in relation to the Universe, one is given more insight about oneself.

Though very confusing when studied initially, it is important to look at the three most significant parts in a birth chart. One should be looking at the planet, sign and house. With the interplay of all the three factors, you could get to know yourself better and understand why you choose to act and think in certain ways. It will also give you an insight as to why there are certain people you can jive with, while there are some people you simply cannot stand. As each person has their certain mark in this Universe, each person also has certain people with whom they have chemistry with. With Astrology, one can get a better idea as to how one can better deal with others.

With the use of Astrology, one can be have a better understanding of their role in this world and a deeper grasp of their relationships with the people around them, be it family members, children, friends, co workers and partners. By putting two birth charts together, one would be able to see what parts of their innate nature would coexist in harmony or create conflict. With this, both parties have an insight as to what to expect from the relationship and learn to handle whatever problems or conflicts might come their way. One can never be truly sure about a person even with Astrology. But it is good as a guide so people are more prepared for any possible outcomes in any relationships. By having a basic overview, one would be able to have a better control of one’s own destiny and what is in store in the future. That way one can be assured that the future will definitely be something meaningful and worth looking forward to.