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Music is an integral part of the people. From childhood up to their golden years, music still stays sublime. As a matter of fact, each person has its own cup of tea from a variety of music.

No person is stranger to music. In any other way, there is a specific music genre where his likeness falls to that relaxes his tensed muscles or mind. It could be a subtle form of music or a loud expression of art. Nevertheless, it is important for a music enthusiast to be familiar with its types.

Classical Music

Without a doubt, classical music is the music of the old days. Indeed, it becomes very popular before the world starts to enter the 20th century. This is primarily because it has a number of musicians with a conductor waving his staff. In this genre, the music of Beethoven and Mozart are popular.

Folk Music

There are two classifications for folk music. Inclusions to these are the traditional folk and folk revival. The former are indigenously popularized without any credible artists. More so, it has an easy rhythm that allows the people to follow through. As for the latter, there are credible artists who derived the sounds from the old folk songs.


You can easily recognize a jazz music simply because of its instruments. These include piano, violin, trumpet, cornet and saxophone. This kind of music is influenced by blues (melodies and blue notes).

More so, jazz music also runs in number of subtypes. Its classification is based on the location and time of popularity. Examples of these are New Orleans Jazz, Cool Jazz and Chicago Jazz.


Trance music is characterized by its short melodic phrases and fast beats. Such music is often heard in discotheques and clubs where listeners are enticed to groove and dance with the beat. In addition, it is a result of the perfect combination of house, techno and industrial music.

Rock Music

The genre “rock ‘n’ roll’ became popular way back in the 1950’s. Its pioneers are Elvis Presley and The Beatles where they feature faster and louder music. Also, this genre mainly uses drums, guitars and heavy vocals.

Furthermore, rock music also has different types. These include alternative rock, arena rock, glam rock, metal and art rock. 

Electronic Music

This type of music is usually dance-oriented. In fact, the sound it produced is synthetically made— from computers or any other sources.


Hip-hop music originates from Black American with the influence of Jamaican music. Roberts Nesta Marley and Bob Marley are the pioneers of hip-hop music that successfully chants the world until now. Also, its main instrument used is bass and the music is incorporated with audio mixing and rapping.

The variety of music only proves that music is truly dynamic and alive. Over time, there is a kind of tune that will touch the hearts of the people and will sing with its rhythm and beats. No matter what its kind, just enjoy listening to it!