Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content. The Benefits of Reading Strategy Guides Whether it is for computer games, sports, or any competitive activities, reading strategy guides is indeed more helpful than it seems. These guides may come in different terms such as instruction books, walkthroughs, in-depth tutorial, etc. but they all have a common denominator- to provide readers with valuable information that would help them accomplish or even master the activity. Since strategy guides are a “piece of heaven”, authors often published their books and make them available to public for a couple of bucks. However, there are some who give away their tutorials for free. This is actually evident for game strategy guides where gamers post them in game forums, in their own blogs, or any related website. Nevertheless, allotting a few hours to read these guides would give you no harm. Access to Detailed Gameplay Information Manuals or handbooks would only tell you how to play the game or how it works in general. However, if you want to fully maximize the game or sports, then you should definitely consider reading strategy guides. These materials are valuable supplement that would feed you with detailed gameplay information. If the activity includes a complicated process, the guide would usually elaborate it bit by bit for you to not only learn each step, but also to grasp the essence of the whole process. If you are lucky, the author would also provide tips based from his/her first-hand experience. Complete Presentation of Images such as Maps, Locations, and Illustrations Strategy guides are incomplete without the presentation of necessary images. In some guides, especially those in games, the complete maps are laid out in detail to show the placement of all hard-to-find and hidden monsters, items, or non-player characters. Also, most readers would easily comprehend what the author talks about when there are supporting images to the texts. In sports strategy guides like “How to Play Golf”, images are also shown to instruct the readers without the need of an instructor. For instance, some golf strategy guides include actual images on how to properly grip golf club in order to prevent wrist injuries, how to maximize the force in every swing, etc. Advantageous Information and “Cheats” Official guides are created to provide fair information to all readers and players. However, if you want to gain a competitive edge, then having a strategy guide would be the wisest decision to make. Aside from the advantageous information that you should be aware of, strategy guides also provide “cheats” or “game edits” that would help you complete every level or process much easier and faster. These cheats are somewhat legal to exploit since they are not third party programs that alter the very fabric of the game/sports. Professional Strategy Advices Authors of strategy guides have either completed the game or activity or they are already a professional in the field. Therefore, expect that they would provide you with their own explanations, pieces of advice, and strategy tips from time to time. Most of these tips would circle about strategies and tactics to use in multiplayer games so you can easily edge out your competition.
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