Most people, especially women, believe marriage is something they have to eventually experience because it is the only way to express their love. Marriage is the only true way for two individuals to share their love to each other. Along with their love, marriage is the way to share their money and debts. Marriage has evolved throughout the years. Now it is held as less sacred, even though it is still a constitution. Marriages in the modern era transformed from a very sacred ceremony into something people get into for reasons even not love, such as to make more money, acquire a green card or as a business strategy.


Some people even treat marrying as a way to pass time when they are bored. More than anything, marriage is now only viewed as a legal thing, which gives two people a piece of paper that they can void anytime they want to. Then when other people want to get married for love, they are not allowed to marry because they are not considered equals and do not deserve equal opportunity to get married.



In this modern word, marriage is not simply the event that unites one man and one woman as husband and wife. There are different connotations for marriage, ranging from legal, social, religious to economic across the times. Marriage has evolved from a concept related to the formation of a family unit, nurturing of children, obtaining of citizenship to the legitimizing sexual relationships, and the officiating declarations of love. In practical ways, marriage is an institution that could make two separate lives come together in emotional and economic ways. Traditionally, marriage is a society that depends on natural law, one necessary for man because of man’s nature.


The family is a natural society that is necessary to continue the race.

Still, there are those who believe marriage should be a blissful haven of love and friendship as well as sex and stability. This is now considered too idealistic in the real world. And as people strive to achieve this, they start thinking something is lacking in their marriage when they cannot reach this goal standard. For most of our history, marriage was not a relationship characterized by mutual love, but as an institution for the acquisition of wealth, assets and power, as detailed above.


Today, as people expect romance and intimacy as the main ingredients of marriage, their unions acquire a heightened sense of fragility. As more women began to expect romance and intimacy in their marriages, their unions became more fragile because not getting these expectations make them immediately think something is wrong with their marriages. The best way to maintain a healthy marriage is to communicate. Communicating one’s needs and desires, rather than shutting out the partner can be beneficial to the marriage. No matter how long two people are together, they should not be too complacent and take advantage of each other. Forgetting each other’s individuality will eventually lead to constant fights and to divorce.