How Computer Graphics Changed the World


How Computer Graphics Changed the World 

Graphics is not only something we made up along with the invention of computers when it is possible to draw pictures on them. The emergence of computer graphics started along with the Whirlwind computer in 1945 when programmers created a series of displayed on the screen and data was received from the radar. Whirlwind was an air defense computer system for the U.S Navy and the first computer that used video displays. In the early 80’s, the personal computer came into life and the next generation of computer graphics programmers began to adapt mainframe-based graphics on the personal computer.

The Uses of Graphic Design

Then the rest is called history how computer graphics captured the heart of the end users. While it is true that a picture is really worth a thousand words, computer graphics are computationally intensive. Images are used more than just to enhance the existing material as it also creates great impact to people. Take for example the craze in video games. The computer graphics makes the players have some control over the image and provide them with an input device to signal their request to the computer. See below how computer graphics is widely used in the industry.

 Computer Aided Design (CAD). Computer aided design is the application of computer systems to assist the modification and creation of the design. CAD software increases the productivity and improves the quality design and communications. The major use of computer graphics is applied in the design process for architectural systems and engineering to design textiles, buildings, aircraft, automobiles, etc.

 Presentation Graphics. This is a type of business software which enables the user to create highly images for their slide shows. The presentation improves with computer graphics which produce illustration for reports. The graphics are used to summarize managerial reports, research, information, etc. The system enables you to import the data from a spreadsheet application to create graphs and charts.

 Computer Art. Computer graphics played the major role in production of the artwork such as animation, sound, video, image, video game, website, performance, algorithm, and many more. The integration of digital technologies revolutionized the new media works with the use of digital techniques.

 Entertainment. The application of computer graphics creates an image in printed media, video games, television programs, commercials, and film making. The visual scenes can be static or dynamic, 2D or the latest 3D application.

 Visualization. The application of computer graphics expands its application in education, science, engineering, medicine, interactive multimedia, etc. The examples of visualization techniques are maps, parallel coordinates, table, matrix, timeline, Venn diagram, hyperbolic trees, cluster diagram, etc.

The computer graphics continues to evolve over time as we are living in the world wherein things change drastically. In a large sense, all images used and created in all forms of media are computer graphics. The success in information technology is the result of a remarkable passion of the graphic artists to bring out the great deal of work that they can offer to mankind.

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