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Football which is sometimes called soccer or rugby is a sport which involves two main objectives: kicking the ball using your foot and scoring a goal. This sport is considered as the most popular and widely=played sport in different countries around the world. Football is often regarded by historians as one of the most popular game being played by peasants.

Football is said to be derived from a popular game from ancient Greece known as Harpaston. The said game is referred to by writers of classic literatures as a brutal game. Unlike the rules that are being implemented in football today, the rules for Harpaston are relatively simple. A point will be given to the team whose player was able to cross the goal line, the other team on the other hand has the goal of stopping the other team from crossing the goal line, and there are no rules as to how it can be done which is why it turned out to be a brutal game. A player can cross the goal line by any of the following: throwing the ball to another player who is waiting across the line, running across the line while holding the ball or kicking the ball across the line.

The football in the modern times is believed to come from England. During the twelfth century, the game has been very popular that even the kings of the time have implemented the rule of having the game banned because they have noticed that the people are getting hooked to the sport that their interest in their traditional sports which include archery and fencing are slowly fading away.

There are different types of football with rules that vary according to its country of origin which includes: 5-a-side football, Futsal, Beach soccer, Indoor soccer, Freestyle football, Street soccer, and Paralympic football. The American football on the other hand, has originated from rugby football with rules that have evolved throughout the years. This type of football is being played by 2 different teams consisting of 11 players; the ball that is being used is the oval one. Considered as the most prevalent sport in the US, the NFL or the National Football League is one of the most-watched sports event watched by millions of people all over the world.

There are different leagues as well as cups all over the world that showed their support to this popular sport. The FIFA World Cup is an international type of competition where different countries from all over the world compete for the championship. The championship is being awarded every four years. There are a total of 32 teams who are competing during the World Cup Finals where the winners will compete with each other through a qualification stage that is being followed by the league. There is a country who is assigned to host the event which means that the championship will take place in that particular country.

Known as a brutal sport, it is surprising to know that more and more women are already starting to play this sport. Sometimes being overshadowed by the popularity of the sport being played by men, these women would want to prove that they can also gain the same popularity of this sport which was original known to be participated by men.




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