Europe is a continent that conjures up beautiful images in the minds of people. This is why a European holiday is considered to be the ultimate dream vacation of many people. Most people have Europe as part of their bucket list.
There are just so many beautiful things to see in this continent. And not just beautiful sights but historical sites as well. This continent is teeming with centuries-old architecture and historical sites. After all it is in Europe where the golden age of renaissance was born.
Let’s take a look at some of the countries in this beautiful continent.

One of the countries in Europe that receives the most number of tourists is Italy. This is because you can see so many things here. All of the provinces have their own attractions. Arguably the most famous place here is Rome. Here you get to see the Vatican, the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. You also get to see here the remnants of the great Roman empire such as the colloseum. Imagine going to this place where they had gladiators fight lions, great beasts and fellow gladiators. This is also the place where so many Christian martyrs were killed for their faith. Venice is also another beautiful place in Italy mainly because of its waterways. This is a truly romantic getaway for lovers. If you want to indulge in art you can go to Florence and see the marvelous paintings there.
And of course let us not forget the delicious food that Italians have to offer. After all they are the ones who made pasta and pizza famous. Whatever it is you are looking for, culture, arts, history, religion, food, Italy has it all.

Another famous country in Europe is France especially Paris. This is one of the favorite romantic getaway of couples. It would be most lovely to spend an afternoon eating a Fench pastry and drinking coffee in one of Paris’ cafes. The countryside of France has such lovely views. It includes long stretches of greenery and flowers. When you go sightseeing there it’s like an image straight from a postcard. The castles in France are also one of the sights that are frequented by tourists there.

We just have started to scratch the ice by talking about Italy and Paris. There are still many beautiful places in Europe such as Switzerland, Sweden, Poland and Finland. Switzerland is famous for its very fine chocolate. The other countries are Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark. In these countries there are some areas where you would see field of beautiful flowers.

There is also Spain and Greece. In Spain one of the main attractions there is bull-fighting. The food there is also great. In Greece you can get to see the remnants of the Greek civilization. There are also great beaces there. Another famous country in Europe of course is the United Kingdom. This is also a place teeming with historical landmarks. Who knows when you go there you might get a glimpse of the famous duke and duchess of Windsor?
There are many more aside from those mentioned here. 

What is great about Europe is that you need only one visa to be able to travel to the different countries there. This visa is called the Schenzen visa. This visa allows you to travel all the member countries of the European Union.

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