Common Types of Web hosting

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Common Types of Web hosting Whether it is for personal or business purposes, web hosting service has become prevailing in the age of continuous technology advancement. Being left behind is not an excuse as there are a lot of options for you to choose and venture into the world of digital connectivity. Web hosting service simply allows you to create your own website to share your goods and services in the World Wide Web. Larger companies use a more complex system to be able to manage their web server and add applications like email and other service enhancing software. Below are the different types of hosting and an overview of how it works: • Free web hosting These are usually advertisement-supported hosting. Because it is free; the services are limited especially in upload file size and file type’s restrictions. • Shared Web hosting This is considered the most economical type since the cost of server maintenance is being shared by multiple websites connected in one web server. There are limitations on software and updates. • Reseller web hosting Commonly used by a web design firm or web developer who sells a part of their bandwidth and disk space to other customers to gain profit or as an add-on service. • Virtual Private Server Customers have the luxury of installing software and applications because it runs its own operating system. This provides higher level of security. It supports unlimited hosting but is covered by fair use policy. • Dedicated hosting service Allows the customer to have a full control of his or her server including security and maintenance. This is very ideal for websites that has large volume of traffic and it also provides high security and performance. • Managed hosting service These are leased servers that does not allow customers to have full control or manage their servers. This is to ensure that quality of service delivered by the client. • Colocation web hosting service This is the most expensive and powerful type of web hosting service that is commonly used by web commerce companies, major enterprises, Telecommunications Company, eCommerce sites and other internet related business that requires dedicated IT staff to maintain the server. • Cloud hosting This is the most accessible and reliable type of web hosting. Data is shared by multiple customers via the cloud or sharing network and users will be only charge for the resources consumed instead of a fixed plan or fee. This service is also resilient from natural disaster and power disruption. • Clustered hosting This type uses multiple node or machines to reduce the chances of services affecting one another when running multiple web servers at a time. This structure promote load balancing on multiple hardware to smoothly access a website and execute services using a single web hosting. • Grid hosting This involves multiple computers acting together forming a super virtual computer that has a common goal of solving a single task. • Home server This is a residential server type that provides services in and out of the household over the internet or home network. Its most common operations are web serving, web caching, file and printer serving, media center serving, authentication and back up services.

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