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How to prepare your home for a baby’s arrival


One of the biggest events in a person’s life would be having a baby. A baby is a bundle of joy and blessings. But the arrival of one is definitely a life changing event. Not only will it disrupt the current lifestyle you enjoy, but the arrival of a baby would entail you to change your lifestyle to fit your baby’s needs. In order not to make you feel overwhelmed with all the changes, here are things you need to look into for your newborn’s arrival:


  • Make a survey of your home and see if there are any things that need to be changed. In older homes, there could be wood chipping or paint peeling off. As babies are very sensitive, it is not good to have wood shavings or peeling of paint. Babies can be allergic to these things and might cause health issues. It is best to arrest these issues because they become actual problems.
  • Should there be any renovation or touching up done, schedule it as early as three to four months before the baby arrives. Major renovations cannot be done, unless the expectant mother will move out of the house as the fumes of paint and the like are very harmful to her unborn child.
  • For older homes, it is best to repaint some parts of the house because the paints used many years back contained lead. Should the paint start chipping off, lead is released in the air and that might be very harmful for any newborn. So it is best to find out as to when the house was last painted. If it is possible, check the kind of paint used. Should any painting be needed, it is best to use toxic-free, odourless paint.
  • You need to start figuring out where you plan to place your nursery. Give it much thought as you would need to feed the baby at night. So decide as to whether you want an adjoining door between your bedroom and the baby or you would prefer the baby’s room to be far from your room so your spouse could take a rest. Add
  • Aside from painting the house, you need to decorate your child’s room. There are certain colours that help stimulate the child’s mental growth and emotional state. Orange, yellow and green are some of the recommended colours as they promote calmness and give the room a homey feel. But most importantly, you need to ensure that the room is secure. Make sure that the windows have screens to keep out insects. It is also good to look into the placement of furniture in the room. Make sure that everything is within reach so you do not need to scramble around getting things for the baby.
  • One of the most important things would be to baby proof the house. It is not fair to the child to just keep him or her in the room. The child needs to roam around the house to explore and get a feel of his or her surroundings. It is just essential that you baby proof the house. It will never be done completely as the child grows. But do the necessary safety measures for the newborn, such as placing screens in the windows.
  • Stock your nursery with the essentials. Do not place baby gear and stuff all over the house. It will be too cluttered and you will get stressed looking for everything. Place everything in one area so everyone knows where to get the things for the child.


It is important to prepare your house well for your baby. That way you will all know how to move around and experience less stress. Remember a stressful mother means a stressful baby. So keep calm, prepare ahead of time and rest assured that your baby will fit well into your new home.






Entertainment is any activity that holds an individual’s attention or interest. It aims to amuse and occupy a person by engaging him into focusing or putting interest into something. Although interests vary from people to people, entertainment has the ability to give pleasure and delight to anyone. It is commonly associated to allotting time intended for relaxation and for relieving stress or similar negative and personal emotions.

Through the years, entertainment has evolved in means, practice, frequency and costs. Early entertainment is done in courts, arenas, or public places during gatherings held by a group of people or tribes. As time passes, it has changed into acquiring pleasure alone and can be done in no specific place. Portable and mobile forms entertainment has proliferated every generation and it will continue to do so.

Variety of Entertainment Forms

Every expression of art can be a form of entertainment. Music is one entertainment means that have been around for centuries and is still present in these modern ages. People find amusement through music by means of feelings and psychological effect it gives to listeners. It may also be through composing music that entertainment transpires. Doing or watching performances of music compositions give music lovers pleasure and find entertainment in such.

Sports as an entertainment are widely known in any culture or ways of life. Its availability and accessibility by any person makes it a healthy way of entertainment. In case of audiences, sports give a profound thrill and excitement to sport enthusiasts, particularly for avid ones. Competitions make good entertainment and are usually observed by joint interests of a group of people or even a population such as those held internationally.

Entertainment through media is another form of human amusement. It may be in television, radio, computers, social media, virtual communications, and other types that use technology. There has been significant recognition to the growth of media entertainment because of its vast effects to the public. Whatever media feeds to its audience gives different results that are usually disturbing, especially for young audiences.

Entertainment for All Ages 

There is no age restriction to be entertained. Entertainment merely differs for every age group. For one, children find play, reading, and arts/crafts as their form of entertainment. They give their attention to activities that allows them to be physically involved or creatively engaged. As for teens, entertainment is more complex. They find amusement in what is current or in trend. However, some may find entertainment in simple hobbies, sports, or any activity they have interest in. For majority of teens, they are entertained with concepts that approve of their preferences and of their peers.

Lastly, adults choose forms of entertainment that their physical state allows them to be involved in. They find pleasure in things that is unrelated to their career or something they enjoy with friends or with family. Their entertainment serves as outlets to their personal life which can be stressful or demanding. Much older ones would have a less profound need for entertainment as they usually get pleasure through simple socialization and often find entertainment from having family and friends around them.



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Defining the term “craft” is one tricky and challenging description alone. For years, it has taken many meanings and many forms that made it a significantly broad idea to conceptualize. Craft is basically using the endless possibilities of materials into another object. It mainly focuses on expression and interpretation of creativity into something visible, no matter how wide its scope of meaning is.

Crafts include making things from a medium or something considered as a material. It can also be a passion, a pastime, a habit, or even a profession. Any work of art that used other thing put together can be identified as crafts. It is giving value to art forms by means of a person’s skills in making physical art.

Crafts Requirements

There is no formal education to make crafts. It can be done by anyone, anywhere and anyhow. It is a free expression of one’s creativity and is therefore open for anyone who desires to make something out of something. Some would think that crafts require skills and knowledge. This might be applicable in a few instances but most of the time, making crafts can be developed and improved over time. Crafts in abstract forms are widely accepted in these modern times. What is important in crafts is the desire to create and the expression of the maker. It does not demand special skills or specific materials. Any resource or item can be utilized to make crafts.

Forms of Crafts

The most common craft are do-it-yourself projects. These crafts are simple and fun ways to reinvent or reuse materials into decorative or functional pieces. Most DIY crafts are for home accessories, clothing improvements, party goods, toiletries such as soaps, wipes, and more. DIY can be in many types, even edible ones are under DIY crafts.

Another form of crafts is handicrafts. As the name suggests, handicrafts are made manually from scrap materials such as wood, leather, clay, or other simple tools. They are relatively easy to do by hands and uses hand-operated tools for creating a visible art. Pottery, weaving, and crochets are a few examples of handicrafts.

Papercrafts are art forms using paper of any kind as a medium. It is widely used in schools as craft activities and among craft groups as for scrapbooking and quilling. Paper is very accessible to any community which makes papercrafts popular in the field of craft making. There are many kinds of papercrafts, and papermaking per se is included as well.

Additionally, textile, stone, glass and needle crafts are forms of this visual art expression. All may require prior knowledge on how each is done and assistance or tutoring may also be essential. Generally, any material made of another material is a craft itself. A person using his skills to provide a kind of service to others can be a form of craft as well. It is his skills that he uses as a medium to create a visible material such as a carpenter building a home or a dressmaker tailoring a piece of clothing.




Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content. is the act of tending and maintaining plants, trees and similar greens in a garden or in any spot where it is possible. Plants that gardening includes are a wide array. It can from edible ones like fruits and vegetables to decorative flowers and greens. Specializing on a single plant for gardening is an option as well.

Gardening gives added aesthetics to a place, be it residential, commercial, or in public places. It can be a hobby, a profession or a source of income depending on the individual doing it, known as a gardener. There is no required licensing for gardening. It is a free form of relaxation or pastime that anyone can engage in.

The Basics of Gardening

Gardening is a simple activity yet it requires commitment. It needs maintenance and effort since it is not there to stand only for a short period of time. Nurturing plants is needed in gardening. Although it may cause a person to spend a few bucks at the beginning, satisfaction is guaranteed in the end anyway.

To begin gardening, a proper and healthy location must be provided. This refers to having well-lighted area (sunlight) with soil that can sustain plants’ lives. If preferred, potted soil can be purchased. Indoor gardening is also an option, as long as sunshine and other basic needs can be supplied. Moreover, gardening should also consider how water is accessible for plant nourishment and for the gardener’s convenience.

Once these are settled, deciding on the greens to be planted is next. It may be on specific plant specie or a variety. Every seed or seedling to be used in gardening requires different planting instructions. In any case that there will be doubt, asking for help and instructions from the suppliers can be done in order to be assured that it will live and be healthy.

Gardening can be laborious when it comes to caring and tending. For one, watering plants and making sure they meet all their needs are essential for daily gardening. Weeding and putting fertilizers must be regularly done as well and are a part of gardening maintenance that is to be done religiously.

Benefits of Gardening

Engaging into gardening comes with several perks. Not only does it become beneficial to people, it is also the same for the environment. One of the most evident importances of gardening is the health advantages it brings to the gardener or to other members of the household. Since it involves physical work, it can be a good form of exercise. It burns calories and it is even better since it is done on a daily basis. Another health benefit from gardening is its ability to relieve stress. As a form of pastime, gardening helps alleviate worries as it aids in relaxation.

Furthermore, gardening gives another benefit from how eco-friendly it is. Having greens at home helps purify air and can also filter out allergens and pollens that can harm people. Gardening becomes useful to nature as it is one activity that gives off no harm or threat to the environment.

Animal Care

Animal Care
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Animal Care

Animal care is any form of concern for animals and giving high regards to their welfare as living things. It may include being an animal care provider or an animal welfare advocate. Caring for animal’s calls for a wide range of responsibilities which are often under-compensated. Therefore, people getting into such act of vocation must have intrinsic motives and passion to look out for animals. Expecting rewards from animal care is of minimal part of animal care and usually, self-fulfillment suffices as the primary incentive.

Who does it?

Caring for animals is for both zoo and aquatic animals. Although they can manage to tend on their own needs naturally, there are still needs that humans can provide for them. Their fast recovery from injury and even saving their lives from near death are some of animal care measures the only people can give. Anyone capable of looking after for animals and supplying their basic needs can do animal care. Even young ones can provide animal care. Some are professionally recognized for a career on animal care such as veterinarians, while others are typical citizens. They may also be individuals who promote and support animal welfare through foundations and organizations.

How is animal care done?

As for professionals, licensed vets tend to animals by attending to their medical needs. They may give vaccinations, check-up, diagnosis, medicinal prescriptions, and may perform surgeries as well. There are animals that undergo surgery such as those for cases when birth of offspring is risky to be in normal delivery and for other operations.

Animal care may also be a volunteer work. People sign up for free render of service in animal welfare centers and do vast tasks such as cleaning animal homes, grooming and feeding animals, and more. Moreover, animal care may be in domestic tending as well, like those that pet owners do. Giving food, shelter, and other needs are involved.

Why is it important?

Knowing animal care plays an important role in the community and in the ecosystem that people belong to. Animals are valuable part of human living and are members of the family for some. They are capable of feelings and physical harm as humans do. Thus, they need care, too. Sufficient and proper care can make animals healthy and prevent them from diseases that may harm humans in the long run. Their mental state takes advantage of animal care that can protect humans from the danger of uncontrolled or poor animal behavior caused by the absence of animal care. Supplying their basic needs is a responsibility of pet owners and other individuals. It will not only prolong animal lives but will sustain even the presence of their kind. Other animals are endangered and animal care is highly essential to sustain their population.

Humans are liable for living things that are around him since they are dominant than other creatures on earth. Animal care is one of the many responsibilities that people should be mindful of. It is vital that people are aware of its benefit to animals and of the effects it causes when it is unobserved and rarely practiced.


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Auspicious event of life

Care, love, sex and social identity are very basic human needs and desires. To get social acceptance to all this, there exist a culture, in all religions. Marriage is the word, which bounds two souls, spouses, with social and interpersonal responsibilities. Pronounced with different aliases, Shaadi, Wedding, Nikah etc, all signifies a wed-lock that bounds the spouses with intimate, emotional and social duties.

A very pious and scared event that takes place when two people decide to spend their lives together; a promise that calls for the brand new beginning of two lives. It certainly differs according to culture, people, country, religion etc but universally called “marriage”. The basic term explains uniting two people together.

It is always a lifetime decision in each one of us lives. The quote that says “Marriages are made in heaven” is good when we just say it but practically it doesn’t do justice to itself. Such a decision must be taken with precaution, as it would bind two different people with a sense of responsibility to each other for lifetime. Being more than a Barbie doll game, it’s the game of identity, of responsibilities and of live with love.

Marriage is not just about love and liking someone but it is about complete sense of responsibility, respect, dedication, love, care and about sharing each and every moment of life with that someone. It is about being there at thick and thin. It is about trusting that person when he needs it the most. If we say it is like a promise meant to never be broken then yes we can say that. It is about accepting person with his complete imperfections that you are aware about.

We can say it is the compilation of friendship, love, acceptance, joy, support, wonder, care and emotions. It takes dedication to develop high level of honesty, trust, communication and respect with the partner.
Marriages are practiced in a variety of ways differing according to cultures, religion,country and so do all the customs,vows,values differ but the base meaning of uniting two different people as one remains same.

South Asian weddings are full of rituals and functions that last for a week. Family friends, relatives from both the sides participate in each and every traditional custom. Bride and Groom both are supposed to wear their cultural dresses and have to follow all rituals to finally be announced as husband and wife. Rituals like Seven Vows to be taken, groom puts Vermillion (Sindoor) to the parting of the bride’s hair and beads necklace is tied around bride’s neck (Mangalsutra) to symbolize that she is married.

Western weddings are characterized by white theme where bride is dressed up in white gown or dress with a veil. Wedding rings/bands are the most important part in these marriages which is taken as uniting too people together as married couple and further sealed with a kiss. The wedding is often followed by a reception or wedding breakfast, in which the rituals may include speeches from the groom, best man, father of the bride and possibly the bride, the newlyweds first dance as spouses, and the cutting of a wedding cake.

What makes marriages so special?
Marriages are characterized by good food, music, family, friends, vows, traditional clothes, decorations, near and dear ones, emotions, love, blessings, happiness, care, dance, pictures and much more that makes it a very special and most important event in a boy’s/ girl’s life.

Event that captures the best memories for you; Event that provides you a new status in someone’s life and in society; Event that helps you in dreaming about your future with your special one; Event that makes you emotional sometimes, sometimes full of love,nervous,sometimes simply leaves you with mixed feelings; Event that helps you to build a special new relation and experience all new emotions ahead; Event that makes you someone’s better half or prepares you to take new responsibilities; Event that encourages you for more sincere decisions in life; Event that helps you in realizing your maturity better.
Event that will bind you with someone for a lifetime but surely will set you free……