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Space Console

Space Console

Space Console


Space Consoles Rooms and their Roles in Space Exploration


Talks about space bring to us thoughts about faraway planets, spaceships, galaxies, aliens, UFO’s, astronauts and the moon. But did you know that those men who work below are just as important as the men who landed in the moon? In 1969, the very first man Neil Armstrong landed in the moon and changed history’s mankind forever. It’s an event that will forever be recorded and remembered by many people and will be taught for many generations. But while they are celebrated, men like flight controllers in what we call “Mission Control Centers” are forgotten. They aid in the success of missions or flights, and thus play a very critical role.

  • Flight controllers play an important role in space explorations. The success of the mission lies in the support that they provide, especially ensuring that the astronauts are safe. Their main role is to aid the astronauts in the mission while ensuring the safety of their lives.


  • Flight controllers are experts in their fields and are quick to detect any anomalies in the system. In case something goes wrong, they can advise the astronauts to “abort the mission”. Some few examples that saved lives of the crew and the shuttle are: Steve Bales helped determine that it was safe to land on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission to go to moon. Controller John Aaron was quick to decide that switching to back up power was best for Saturn V when it was hit by a lightning during the launch of Apollo 12. Jenny Howard, a Booster officer detected the anomalous readings on the second engine during the launch of mission shuttle STS-51-F. This saved the lives of the crew and the shuttle.


  • Flight controllers preempt failure of a mission by monitoring any indications of future possible catastrophic failures. The Space Shuttle Flight control team based at Houston’s Johnson Space center works 24 hours a day for a whole year to foresee any possible loopholes in the space exploration.


  • There are many roles inside the space control rooms or mission control centers and each of them are very crucial in space explorations. For example an Organizations and Procedures officer helped establish rules for the astronauts on how to conduct the flight and some techniques for them to successfully complete their mission. Instrumentation and Communications Officer for example helped ensure that communication between the shuttle and the ground controllers are open and working. Without their guidance, the mission will not end successfully and the crew may even encounter some mishaps while in the space.


Space exploration made it possible for us to know the existence of different constellation, galaxies and all other planets. In the future, space exploration can bring many discoveries that were not thought to be possible years ago very much possible. But without the help of those people working behind every space console in Mission control centers, these expeditions will not be possible. We enjoy these human triumphs because of their dedication in the jobs that they do.

Space Console
Space Console

Strategy Guides

The Benefits of Reading Strategy Guides


  Whether it is for computer games, sports, or any competitive activities, reading strategy guides is indeed more helpful than it seems. These guides may come in different terms such as instruction books, walkthroughs, in-depth tutorial, etc. but they all have a common denominator- to provide readers with valuable information that would help them accomplish or even master the activity.

  Since strategy guides are a “piece of heaven”, authors often published their books and make them available to public for a couple of bucks. However, there are some who give away their tutorials for free. This is actually evident for game strategy guides where gamers post them in game forums, in their own blogs, or any related website.

Nevertheless, allotting a few hours to read these guides would give you no harm. Access to Detailed Gameplay Information, manuals or handbooks would only tell you how to play the game or how it works in general. However, if you want to fully maximize the game or sports, then you should definitely consider reading strategy guides. These materials are valuable supplement that would feed you with detailed gameplay information. If the activity includes a complicated process, the guide would usually elaborate it bit by bit for you to not only learn each step, but also to grasp the essence of the whole process. If you are lucky, the author would also provide tips based from his/her first-hand experience.


  Complete Presentation of Images such as Maps, Locations, and Illustrations
Strategy guides are incomplete without the presentation of necessary images. In some guides, especially those in games, the complete maps are laid out in detail to show the placement of all hard-to-find and hidden monsters, items, or non-player characters. Also, most readers would easily comprehend what the author talks about when there are supporting images to the texts.

 In sports strategy guides like “How to Play Golf”, images are also shown to instruct the readers without the need of an instructor. For instance, some golf strategy guides include actual images on how to properly grip golf club in order to prevent wrist injuries, how to maximize the force in every swing, etc.

  Advantageous Information and “Cheats”

Official guides are created to provide fair information to all readers and players. However, if you want to gain a competitive edge, then having a strategy guide would be the wisest decision to make. Aside from the advantageous information that you should be aware of, strategy guides also provide “cheats” or “game edits” that would help you complete every level or process much easier and faster. These cheats are somewhat legal to exploit since they are not third party programs that alter the very fabric of the game/sports.

  Professional Strategy Advices
Authors of strategy guides have either completed the game or activity or they are already a professional in the field. Therefore, expect that they would provide you with their own explanations, pieces of advice, and strategy tips from time to time. Most of these tips would circle about strategies and tactics to use in multiplayer games so you can easily edge out your competition.

Mind Games

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Common Mind Games Women Play and Why Men Fall for Them

A mind game is a psychological struggle, a conscious or unconscious effort to have the upper hand at something. And let’s face it; many females from history and present day are very good at this. It’s very ironic but sayings like “No man is an island” and “Behind the success and downfall of every man is a woman” might be a cliché but nonetheless, rings true. While women make up about majority of earth’s population and seen as the weaker sex, this is definitely the case. As modern times brought about many changes in technology and lifestyle, women also play important roles in the society. Women may also be the best negotiators and worse, manipulators and if men are not careful they can fall prey to mind games women play.
So what are common mind games that women play and why do some men actually fall for them? Here are some examples:
• Damsel in distress. Classis and most common but still, most men still fall for it. Why? It may be a case of “hero complex” for many men, a proof that they are strong enough to save a woman or someone of the weaker sex. Psychologically, many men think that they are more physically and intellectually superior than women. Men, if you think that way you will get played. Emotionally, women can endure more under pressure and may even endure extreme physical conditions. Their bodies are designed to do so. Think about child birth for example.

• Incorrigible tease and flirt. Flirting and teasing are ways to attract a man’s attention. Of course what kind of man will not fall for flirtatious smile or coy look, or even a subtle touch? It may seem a bit casual, but many women can use this old age tactic to get what they want. Before men even know it, they have been hooked and getting out of the clutch later can turn into an ugly business.

• Friend in need, friend indeed. Some people think that men and women cannot be friends. While many men and women can become successful at being friends, many women can actually fall for their man-friends, especially if the guy in question manifests all the traits they look for in a man. This can also happen vice versa. Men usually fall for this game, especially of he’s in need of someone to listen and understand him. If a man does not have any intention of taking the next step further, he should make it clear from the very start; otherwise the female friend may be driving away potential partners without the man’s awareness. Their closeness may be misunderstood as something much more intimate than friendship.

• Maternal kind. Do you ever wonder why many men fall for women who are like their mothers and why many daughter and mother-in-laws do not get along well? This is because most of the time, men are intrinsically closer to their mothers than their fathers. Men should be wary of women who use maternal instinct to manipulate them.

There are many women who are still good women and it’s up for men to decipher whether they are genuine or just playing games. But knowing these mind games will help them find that special woman who can be their equal partner in life.