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Top Job Listing Sites for Fresh Graduates and Newbies

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Top Job Listing Sites for Fresh Graduates and Newbies

Fresh out of college, it is difficult for a college graduate to compete with hoards of other graduates with impressive academic background. And nearly impossible to compete with experienced employees who already proved their achievement and skills through work experience acquired over the years. So is there hope for a fresh graduate? The answer is yes. Many companies are looking for fresh graduates who can be trained and be the best at the jobs that they do. And to help there, there are online Job Listing websites that are friendly for fresh graduates. The following are the best job listings sites that any fresh graduate can start with:
• is a social networking site and job listing and hunting tool for would be and recent graduates. It made it top to the Top 10 Jobs Sites for Recent grad by the It lets every graduate connect with the best and personally tailored entry level jobs through various networks like faculty, alumni and other methods. Best of all, it has career building tools to help a graduate jumpstart his career search.

• is a friendly job listing site for new graduates as it helps them to build their online resume. Once this is done, it will populate a few suggestions to match their skills and current qualifications to jobs that they can apply for. This is specially tailored for clueless graduates who simply do not know where to start.

• is another job listing site that is suitable for fresh graduates and for employees with less than 3 years job experience under their belt. The job listing site offers tips to build a good resume, access to different tools and search can be done by narrowing into different categories like location, job title or even both.

• For fresh graduates who want to explore career opportunities in the federal government, is a job listing site that they want to explore. With the enactment of Pathways Program, fresh graduates can now apply for either internship or entry-level jobs in civil service offices.

• is part of the CCN or College Central Network and offers one of the largest jobs listing database for fresh graduates. There are useful kits that include e-resume writing, cover letter writing and interview tips in the website, which can give boost career job hunting. It is also connected sister websites like Student and Employer

• For fresh graduate, or for a student who is about to graduate, internship is one of the best options to try in order to gain the necessary experience and skill that will be helpful in job hunting later on. One of the job listing sites that they can try is All it takes is to fill out a full profile so companies can contact you.

• For fresh graduates who want to find international opportunities, is a job listing site that accepts young professionals and students. It provides a good platform by which a fresh graduate can access international jobs and also for companies to tap into qualified graduates who have little to no experience but have potential.

Fresh graduates and young professionals can now access many different job listings with a few clicks of the fingers, thanks to these websites. Landing a job has become simpler and very easy.