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Lottery is often referred to a form of gambling which comprises of the drawing of the lots in order for the gamer to win a prize. Some countries have banned lottery while some government have been using this as a means of providing for different charity institutions. A portion of the profit of the lottery is being given to the different government organizations in order to provide help to the people of that certain country who are in need.

In the early parts of the 20th century, different forms of gambling which includes lottery were banned by different countries all over the world; these countries include some parts of Europe and the USA. After the World War II, lotteries together with casinos have started to appear in different parts of the world. They were used as a way to raise the revenue of the country adding to the taxes that are being collected from the people.

There are different forms of lottery. Depending on the organizer of the lottery, the prize can be a certain fixed amount or in the form of goods while some are giving a certain percentage of the total amount of tickets that were sold. There are also organizers who are giving 50% of their total revenue as a prize. The newest rule that was implemented by lottery groups is the ability of the purchaser to choose the number that he wants therefore making the risk of having multiple winners, in such case, the total amount of prize will be divided equally to the winners.

The winning combination in a lottery depends on the rule that was agreed on by the board of members of the organizers of the lottery, with this comes the different chances of winning for the bettors of the said gambling game. Although people know for a fact that there are a lot of people who are playing the lottery, they still would like to take their chance on the game; after all it is nothing but a gamble that they have to play.

There are countries where the prize has not been won in that particular day; the prize can grow higher which also increases the want of people to win the jackpot prize. There have been a lot of controversies that went along with lottery. There were reports of different security risks that were brought about by lottery to the bettor who won the game, this happened when the winners of the lottery were announced publicly, crime rates went up, which is the reason why the board of lottery organizations decided to keep the information about the people who won the lottery a secret.

There were different reports of fraudulent activities that were brought about by the legalizing of lottery in different countries around the world. These scams involved selling of machines to bettors and the seller will tell them that it will give them the guarantee of winning the game which is nothing but a scam. There were also cashiers who are trading winning lottery tickets with another ticket and will tell the bettor that he did not win at all, the cashier will then claim the prize.


Casino Table Games

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Casino Table Games

Casino Table Games

Welcome to the competitive and extremely challenging world of casino games!  Some of the most fascinating gambling options have been defined as casino table games.  Craps, baccarat, blackjack and roulette are just a few examples of casino table games.

Casino table games are conducted on tables and managed by live dealers.

Other forms of casino table games include video slot machines. In many cases, a country’s legislation does not allow casino table games in certain territories. In other cases, the law permits the use of slot machines only. In some countries and states, it’s allowed to host electronic table games like poker, blackjack and roulette.

Blackjack is one of the most exciting casino table games promoted by high-end luxury hotels such as Bellaggio in Las Vegas. The goal of the game is to keep your cards 21 or less. Every participant gets two cards and competes against ‘’the house’’ (aka the dealer). The dealer also receives two cards: one with a face down, the other with a face up. Kings, Jacks and Queen award 10 points, while Aces count as 1 or 11. You get a winning blackjack if your first couple of cards equals 21.

One of the most dynamic, fast-paced and challenging casino table games is Craps.  Players pose all monetary bets in advance before a chosen player, named ‘’shooter’’, throws the dice.  When the shooter ‘’7 outs’’, the dice goes to another player.

Fans of casino table games will definitely love baccarat. The game consists of eight decks being shuffled together. The game players announce their bets either on the banker or  the player. The player and the banker deal to the two cards. The winning deck is the one which is closest to nine.

Roulette Wheel

Roulette Wheel

Pai Gow Poker is a combo of modern American poker and the old-time classical Chinese Pai Gow game. The game requires 52 active cards plus a Joker. The Joker has been utilized as an Ace to complete a flush or a straight. The dealer starts by rolling three dice. The total of the dice determines the person who will receive the first set of cards.  Every player will get seven cards and everyone needs to create  a couple of hands: a second-high hand and a high hand. In order to win, both hands must be higher than the bank.

Let it Ride: its name says it all. The game is light, entertaining and always fascinating.  Very easy money with minimal effort! Three cards are dealt and three equal bets are placed. If the cards appeal to you, keep your bet. If they don’t, revoke your initial bet. The house turns over one of the cards. If you are content, Let it Ride. If you are not, revoke your bet. The dealer turns over the other community card and all winners get their prizes.

No matter what kind of game you’ve picked, make sure you stay concentrated and entertain yourself during wins and losses! They are worth the good time  and in the best case, it may pay your visit to Vegas!



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poker2Poker refers to different types of games that involves card. It involves a “pot” which refers to the total amount of money that the players have agreed to bet; this “pot” is being awarded to the player who has the ranking hand which is deemed highest among all the other players once all the other cards were shown or to the player who makes a bet which the other players are unwilling to match.

Poker is being played using 52 cards which is known as the standard pack, there are instances though, depending on what the players want, when a wildcard is being used in the game. The cards being used are ranked from highest to lowest. The role of the Ace can either be the lowest or the highest although at most times they are often regarded as high. The suits are all but of the same worth. The poker hands consist of a total of five cards where the one who possess the highest wins the game.

Here is the ranking of the traditional hands in a decreasing order (highest to lowest):

Straight Flush refers to five cards in a sequence; it should come from the same suit. The royal flush is considered as the unbeatable hand, this consists of the top 5 ranking which include the ace, king, the queen, jack and 10, and they should all come from the same suit. In the event that there is a tie, the one with the highest card in the sequence gets to win.

Four of a Kind is when the player has four cards that are of the same rank and the fifth card can be different which is referred to as the “kicker”. In the event where the other players have the same kind of hand, the one with the highest “kicker” wins the game.

Full House refers to having three cards which are of the same rank and the other two cards can be different but should have matching rank as well. In instances where the players have the same hand, the one with the three matching cards which is the highest gets the pot.

Flush is when there are five cards that came from the same suit. In the event of a tie, the player who holds the card with the highest rank gets to win the game.

Straight refers to the five cards which are in sequence; it doesn’t matter if they came from different suits. In events where the players have straight hand as well, the card on the top with the highest rank gets to take home the pot.

Three of a kind is having three cards which have the same rank and two cards which are not related to each other. If there is a tie, the one with the three cards which has the highest rank wins.

Two pair is two cards with a matching rank and another two of matching rank that is different and one card that is different from them referred to as the side card.

One pair is having two cards which have matching rank and three of them which are unrelated to each other.

High card refers to any hand that does not qualify to any of the other categories that were listed above.



The popularity of the game has reached the cyber world where more and more people are playing this game online. You will even find this as a form of entertainment in social media sites including Facebook.


Betting Systems

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Betting Systems

Betting System

Betting System

Betting systems. What’s the role that they play in gambling? Casinos can be an excellent way of making enough money to buy the luxury car you crave, purchase your favorite designers’ shoes or just pay your debt!

Gambling, however, doesn’t always pay off in the way we’ve imagined.  Often casino game fans look for alternative methods of boosting their profit such as deceit, strategic betting and other similar manipulative techniques. One of the most efficient modes for increasing your gambling profit is in the form of betting systems.

Casino betting systems are an effective manner of making your chances at winning higher. One of the most popular betting system is called the Martingale system, also known as being a long term loser. Gamblers often use it to recover their losses or win a bet. They can achieve all this by cheating the house.

The Iron Cross system promises a 80% win on the rolls. It has been used at craps tablets. Its major disadvantage is that if it allows a loss, it can be substantial.

If you want to keep your risk of losing your money minimal and still maintaining your profits high, resort to the Parlay System which is almost identical to the Paroli system.  Typically gamblers use this betting system to boost their bet and utilize house money.

When a lucky streak appears, the Labouchere System comes in handy.  Based on the same principle as the Martingale system,  the Labouchere System assist you in recovering your losses and locking in wins.

Betting systems have their opposites too! The Paroli system uses exactly the opposite principle of the Martingale system. Mostly utilized to minimize losses and bet with house money,  the Paroli system locks in wins and recovers losses.

Exclusively developed and adapted for roulette players, the D’Alembert system could be successfully implemented also at the craps tables. The principle of this betting system is that your chances of winning are higher after a loss and your chances of losing increase after a win.

The 1-3-2-6 System aims to catch winning steaks and manipulate house money.  The only problem with this betting system is that you only can change the size of bets and cannot really affect the game. You keep the house edge and in this way the risk of loss remains almost the same as before.

The only disadvantage of the betting systems is that each one is destined to fail. Long term profits cannot come as a result of betting systems. Betting systems can give you some long-term benefits, but if you play for an extended time period, you will certainly lose.

Every betting system has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the gamer to find which one will suit best his/her needs. Typically gamers go through all and evaluate them in detail in order to make their most reasonable choice.  In most cases, however, they take a huge risk.

Betting System

Betting System


Just make sure you are on the right track because the amount of loss during casino games can be substantial. Play wisely!