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Music is an integral part of the people. From childhood up to their golden years, music still stays sublime. As a matter of fact, each person has its own cup of tea from a variety of music.

No person is stranger to music. In any other way, there is a specific music genre where his likeness falls to that relaxes his tensed muscles or mind. It could be a subtle form of music or a loud expression of art. Nevertheless, it is important for a music enthusiast to be familiar with its types.

Classical Music

Without a doubt, classical music is the music of the old days. Indeed, it becomes very popular before the world starts to enter the 20th century. This is primarily because it has a number of musicians with a conductor waving his staff. In this genre, the music of Beethoven and Mozart are popular.

Folk Music

There are two classifications for folk music. Inclusions to these are the traditional folk and folk revival. The former are indigenously popularized without any credible artists. More so, it has an easy rhythm that allows the people to follow through. As for the latter, there are credible artists who derived the sounds from the old folk songs.


You can easily recognize a jazz music simply because of its instruments. These include piano, violin, trumpet, cornet and saxophone. This kind of music is influenced by blues (melodies and blue notes).

More so, jazz music also runs in number of subtypes. Its classification is based on the location and time of popularity. Examples of these are New Orleans Jazz, Cool Jazz and Chicago Jazz.


Trance music is characterized by its short melodic phrases and fast beats. Such music is often heard in discotheques and clubs where listeners are enticed to groove and dance with the beat. In addition, it is a result of the perfect combination of house, techno and industrial music.

Rock Music

The genre “rock ‘n’ roll’ became popular way back in the 1950’s. Its pioneers are Elvis Presley and The Beatles where they feature faster and louder music. Also, this genre mainly uses drums, guitars and heavy vocals.

Furthermore, rock music also has different types. These include alternative rock, arena rock, glam rock, metal and art rock. 

Electronic Music

This type of music is usually dance-oriented. In fact, the sound it produced is synthetically made— from computers or any other sources.


Hip-hop music originates from Black American with the influence of Jamaican music. Roberts Nesta Marley and Bob Marley are the pioneers of hip-hop music that successfully chants the world until now. Also, its main instrument used is bass and the music is incorporated with audio mixing and rapping.

The variety of music only proves that music is truly dynamic and alive. Over time, there is a kind of tune that will touch the hearts of the people and will sing with its rhythm and beats. No matter what its kind, just enjoy listening to it!


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A Closer Look Into Architecture


Are you always fascinated by art works, structure designs, and elegant buildings? You must be a lover of architecture! The question is, do you really know what architecture is? 

The term architecture can mean many things. It can mean a way on how buildings were made with their unique structures and form. It can mean the art of designing or the style used in erecting shelters and other physical structures. For others, it is a form of art where one can clearly express cultural uniqueness and beauty. In the modern world, the word architecture is also being applied in information technology.

There are three basic processes that make up architecture and these are planning, designing and construction.

Planning is always the first thing to be done. This is the stage where an architect determines the purpose the building. Will the building shelter people? Is it intended for commercial use? Knowing its purpose will give an architect a clearer understanding and a solid foundation on what materials to be used.  The building should stand strong and must be always in good condition.

The next process is designing. This will involve adding beauty to the structure. In this phase, an architect can consider adding unique features to the building, showing cultural marks and unique designs that can delight people and uplift their moods without sacrificing its usefulness and functions it was intended to.

The last process is construction. This is the actual erection of the building where all plans and designs will be executed in great detail and accuracy. This is usually the longest phase as this will be the integration of the principles of architecture — durability, utility and beauty.

Looking back, architecture was rooted mainly for basic purposes. Buildings were erected basically for shelter, security and worship. But as human cultures became complex, buildings became works of art, expressions of political power, and hallmarks of culture and religions.

Ancient civilizations resorted to architecture as a reflection of political power of rulers. The pyramids in Egypt showcase the firm authority of pharaohs on their slaves for centuries. Asian architecture focuses more on worship as exemplified by temples from China, India and Japan. Islamic buildings are one of the structures also specifically designed for worship and social needs of civilizations from the Middle East. Nowadays, with all the advancement in technology, aesthetics was given more importance. With the availability of new products such as plastic, fiberglass, modern equipment and computers, designing has been given much emphasis. From the high-rise buildings in New York to the amazing Opera House in Sydney and majestic buildings in the Middle East, architecture has proven to be advancing through the years.

In the next decade or two, we can clearly expect more complex buildings with state of the art designs.  Architecture has gone so far and will always do so in the years to come. We can surely expect modern beautiful houses, worship buildings and magnificent skyscrapers that will all surely take our breath away! Have all your cameras ready and enjoy the future of architecture!











Fashion. When this magical word floats in your mind, it immediately awakes ideas of glamour, beauty and trendy clothing.

Most often fashion is a word used to describe style. Fashion can find expression in an infinity of ways, but it is primarily reflected in the choice and combination of outfits, accessories, shoes and jewels. Fashion can be elegant or simple, bold or experimental, high-end or urban.  It is up to the designer and the mass population to decide their trend for the season. Fashion nowadays is a unique concept for every individual.

The idea of fashion has varied tremendously throughout the years. Before  mid-19th century, fashion clothing was always hand-made, tailored and customized in accordance with a person’s body figure and proportions. In the modern world, fashion is a mass-market industry and a product of the various needs of the consumerist society.

Fashion cannot be described with one word or phrase only. Fashion is not only about style, it’s about lifestyle.

Every designer has his own ideas of what is chic, trendy and impressive for the season. One of the most extravagant high-end fashion designers of all times, Roberto Cavalli, creates products that are mainly targeted to appeal to the lovers of glamorous, experimental and futuristic outfits.

Gucci caters to the sophisticated needs of all who prefer elegance and simplicity, while Prada aims to style the seekers of formality, proportion and ultimate level of sophistication.

Fabulous modern designs such as those produced by the French fashion guru Christian Louboutin have invaded the world of the high-end shoe market and have gained tremendous popularity among celebrities who use them to stun the world with their glossy, glittery, chic or extravagant heels. The more elegant ones may opt for Jimmy Choo, the Londoner who broke the boundaries of all that’s standard and traditional, and presented new fashion ideas that are fresh, playful and provocative all at the same time.

For the mass market, there are so many options to pick from. They range from the casual, slightly sportive look of the all-American brand Gap to the glamorous, incredibly chic world of the Italian-American label Guess and the sophisticated elegance of Zara.  The youthful and joyous spirit of the Miss Sixty fashion collections and the unique design elements of Mango are just a couple more examples of the multi-faceted world of modern fashion.

More and more often, major haute couture designers have started to release their own fragrances and accessories to complement their fabulous trendy collections.

Fashion is not only about accessories, clothing and shoes. It is often the main theme of glossy magazines, fabulous TV commercials, amazing TV programs and iconic movies.  Moreover, the world of fashion has its own TV channel, exclusively dedicated to the glamorous lifestyle of designers, models, talent scouts and show business representatives. 

For those  who’d like to read about fashion, there are numerous magazines such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Elle or Vogue – they are an excellent resource of fashion advices and beauty tips! Read through them – it’s fundamental to be fashionable!


Body Art

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Body Art


body artBody art can be temporary or permanent.  The most popular kinds of body art are tattoos, paintings and piercings. In the case of paintings, the removal of ornaments is easy and pain-free. Tattoos and body piercings have a more permanent duration, and  much more effort is needed for their removal.

Scarring is another form of body art but it is usually present as a part of a ritual or a ceremony. Shaping is also a type of body art whose purpose is to modify a body or change one’s silhouette almost completely. Other more extreme forms of body art include branding, scarification, full-body tattoos or subdermal implants.

The main goal of body art is to give an exquisite and exotic look to the body and use it as a canvass to portray artistic ideas and creative concepts. There is also a speculation that body art aims to present the body itself  in a more sensual light and make it more seductive and desirable. Body art often comes in handy during shows, spectacles, musical performances and dance rituals. Body art has also been featured in magazines as another  form of contemporary art.

Body art is gaining tremendous popularity worldwide but it emerged long time ago. For example, in the 1800s Italian artist Ketty La Roca  became  one of the most popular names in the world of body ornamentation. In France, Michel Journiac and Gina Pane have also created body art for the joy of its extravagant fans.

According to its history, body art appeared together with the human need to convey messages in a creative and extravagant manner.  The art of body decoration appears in various forms and mediums, including books, drawings, paintings and pictures.

Besides its purely artistic goal, body art has been often adopted to symbolize a person’s place in society, to celebrate a special moment in his/her life or to mark a special event. Most of the time, the art of body ornaments has been primarily used to follow a trend a fashion craze. Sometimes body art is just a manner of beautifying one’s image. No matter if it’s in the forms of piercings, tattoos, make-up, hairstyle or paintings, this type of art presents one’s body from a new perspective. It enlivens it and makes it look chic and fashionable.

Body art can also appear in the form of performance art in which artists use their bodies to portray aesthetics, deliver messages, interact with viewers or simply present a spectacle.

Body paintings used to be characteristic of tribalist cultures.  Body art was also an integral part of the spirituality and local habits of the predominant population of Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. It has a very powerful effect on observers and it can be an excellent way of experiencing an exotic culture.

Before opting for body art yourself, make sure you are ready to undergo a major (and magical!) transformation. Try to be creative as you can get but also keep within your limits!



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Photography in progress

Photography in progress

Photography is not merely all about taking pictures. It is an art or abstract where many people fail to take a grasp about it. So if you want to capture epic moments, then this page will provide you enough details to transcend from being a novice to an expert. For many people, getting decent picture will require a high quality and expensive camera. However, both expensive and ordinary camera can offer exceptional images. Just take note that the photographer is equipped with technical skills and knowledge in taking pictures. Keys for Successful Photography Getting a good picture will greatly depend on the techniques or methods employed by a photographer. So if you are a novice in this field and have that in depth desire to capture quality images, here are the basic guidelines that you have to stick with. Check it out!
  • Making use of a plain background
Before taking any picture, always do first an assessment of the background. Make it sure that there is nothing that covers up the subject such as twigs of a tree or poles. In this manner, a plain and organized background will give emphasis on the subject.
  • Take pictures at subject’s eye level
This is another guiding principle in photography. When you snap at your kid or pet’s eye level, it will create an inviting and personal feeling. Hence, capture images when you see those spellbinding smiles.
  • Move closer to the subject
If you want to take a powerful snapshot, then move closer to your subject until it fills the viewfinder. You can also zoom in or use the “flower mode” to show off the subject’s details. Furthermore, eliminate the background for a better impact.
  • Focus
Focus is one important factor in obtaining a sharp picture. You can do this by simply putting the subject at the center of the viewfinder. Afterwards, the shutter button is pressed down halfway. It is then followed by reframing of the picture while holding the steadily the shutter button. For the finishing, push down the button all the way.
  • Flash outdoors
The flash also has its shares in improving images. Therefore, make use of the flash setting when taking pictures during daytime. In this manner, it will help lighten up the shadows under the eyes and nose. During cloudy days, flash has a great role. It will make the subject standout from the pale weather by brightening its face.
  • Light
Light is one basic element in capturing great pictures. If you want scenic images, take pictures during the early and late daylight. More so, it is also important for a photographer to study the effects of light in relation to the images.
  • Practice and practice
Another important guiding principle in photography is practice. In this manner, you can hone your skills and learn more in the process. Without a doubt, photography is an artistic passion that will require technical skills and knowledge. In this respect, the mentioned principles will serve as guidelines for quality and memorable images.




All about Humor humor2_sml humorWithout a doubt, people of any ages respond to humor. It adds spice and a prism of colors into their lives. As a matter of fact, each one has a kind of humor that characterizes personality and identity. A sense of humor is an innate personality that an individual could have. With this character, you will be able to make your friend or the crowd amused, laugh or smile at something you have just said. More so, the personal taste of this humor is greatly influenced by culture, geographical location, maturity and intelligence. Though there are a number of people that could respond to your humor positively, there are also individuals who find the behavior bizarre and irrational. Nevertheless, it is of utmost importance that you know to whom you will initiate or make the comedy. The Different Types of Humor Just like personality that have many facets, humor also have different kinds. In this section, you will be able to find out which kind of humor does your sense of comedy falls into. So let’s get started!
  • Loving type: Bonding humor. The bonding humor has the capability to lighten up the mood of the crowd. It does not employ aggressive attacks but rather down-to-earth and warm jokes.
  • Temperamental humor.  If a person is facing challenges in life and does not take it seriously, he is characterized with a temperamental humor. In this way, he only make fun and laugh over the mistakes that occurs in his life.
  • Aggressive type: Put-down humor. In this kind of humor, the joker tends to make criticisms and/ or ridicule other person. Whenever he did, its impact is usually noticeable since it can create negative effects on the other person like embarrassment. Also at this point, the joker calls his hands-off whenever he is put into the test.
  • Self-degrading humor. In this humor style, the joker tends to make fun of himself for the benefit of the crowd’s laughter or entertainment. Though it is funny, self-respect is usually degraded. In the long run, it may result to anxiety or depression.
The Benefits of Laughter A good sense of humor offers a myriad of benefits. Aside from entertainment where it creates smiles on the faces of people and boisterous laughter, it also has its shares in maintaining good health. These include:
  • Boosts the immune system. Laughter as a result of humor can decrease stress hormone level. In this manner, the number of antibodies and immune cells increases.
  • Decrease pain perception. Humor can stimulate the release of endorphins that helps lower perception of pain.
  • Improves mood. The release of happy hormones like endorphins can help alleviate mood. More so, the decrease in the number of stress hormones also has its shares.
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Laughter can help improve blood circulation.
  • Relax muscles. Humor will relieve physical stress and tension. This usually results to relaxed muscles.
Undoubtedly, each person has its own taste of humor. Though it intends to make other people laugh, choosing the right humor style is paramount. In this manner, both the joker and the crowd can get the benefits of entertainment and health advantages. humor3_big

Magic Tricks

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How to be a  Successful Magician


Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks

The science of magic tricks has captivated the hearts of the crowd. Either it is the children or the adults as the audience; a round of applause always closes the show. So if you want to be a magician and garner the fascination and amazement of the people, skills improvement is paramount.

There are a number of magic tricks that a magician can perform. As a matter of fact, a variety of tricks will require skills and knowledge of its guiding principles. So if you want to learn and be successful, just take note of these tips.

Regular practice of magic tricks

Just like the old notion goes “Practice makes perfect.” With this, regular practice will help improve your skills and cover up the holes of your tricks. In fact, you can practice whenever you have your free time. Consequently, this will allow you to master the trick and minimize the chances of future flaws.

More so, there are magicians who feel uncomfortable facing the crowd. This uneasiness can be resolved by practicing in front of a mirror.

Do it one at a time

There are magicians who try to perfect tricks simultaneously. Take note that you should not do two or more tricks at the same time as this will divide your focus. Hence, simply focus and master first a trick before moving on the next one.

Get a view of your performance with the magic show

Recording your performance and having it evaluated by your audience is one of the important tips to be a successful magician. In this manner, you will be able to see their reaction as you perform your magic tricks. More so, you will be able to get a view and cite your own imperfections.

Ask assistance

If you really want to improve your magical skills, it is then imperative for you to mingle with a group of magicians. Through them, you can learn a lot of things. Just remember to be open for criticisms as you perform your tricks in front of them.

Formulate your own tricks

Your audience wants to see your original magic recipe. Hence, think over a trick that has never been done before. Afterwards, figure out how you are going to accomplish the trick beautifully and efficiently.

Have your own style of magical performance

If you want to be a successful magician, having a unique style is way too important. Do not simply mimic someone else’s style but rather come up with your own. However, if you go for classical styles, make a twist on it. You can narrate a story as you do your performance.

Make your own equipment

A magic show will not be complete without the props. Therefore, create your own equipment. If you think you cannot do it alone, ask assistance from your friends. Since this will reveal the science of your tricks, make them part of the show.

A successful magician is not born. Their success is attributed to their investment in improving their selves such as dedication and practice. Therefore, do what it takes to be a great magician. Good luck!

Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks


Film & Television




The Influence and Promises of Film and Television
The film and television industry strongly holds the prestige of influence among its audience and consumers in general. Its genre, plot, actors, and script lines are collectively decisive of the career of the actors as well as the directors and production designers who make marvel on the project behind the cameras. 

Effective Influence
Commonly, the role the heroes and villains portray in the movie or a TV show affects how the audience deals with their situations in real life. Many look up to those actors as their role model and try to emulate their own life after the scenes or plot in a movie or show where the actors’ influence was overwhelming.

There are fans who technically pattern their personal lifestyles according to how their favoured actors live their life and that includes diet, fashion, and advocacies.
At times, actors may even efficiently directly or indirectly shape up the public’s opinion. For these reasons, movie or TV actors may simultaneously appear as an endorser of various beauty and skin care products, fashion and footwear, sports gear and all other commercial commodities which heavily rely on advertisements for impressive sales.

Actors also largely make up the line up of public personalities and may do well for goals such as information dissemination or cause awareness programs, and even winning in political battles.
Regulatory Board
Also for the same reason, many States which have for their government a conservative create an agency which is tasked to regulate the scenes of TV shows and movies and rate them according to the audience’s age. Scenes which speak of violence or which contain sensitive materials such as dangerous drugs, prostitution and sexual intercourse are not easily available to minors; or if they are, supervision of their parents or guardians is required in order that the minors may have an accurate grasp of how scenes take place on the screen.
In some countries however, there held a concept or debate that the film and television industry may partly mould how teenagers behave or in what situation they may have entrapped themselves with such as early pregnancy, being involved in alcoholic drinking and other similar pitiful plights especially if the favoured actors are personally involved.

On the other hand, actors who rectified their mistakes or who are classified as victims but emerged as a fighter in their own battle or cause may provoke the attention and interests of the public.
Promising Career
Millions desire to engage in film and television—be that in acting, production making, or directing—not only because of what it attractively offers but also because to some, they have the passion for acting. Though the path to a successful career in show business is rocky and tough, its perks and advantages may be overwhelming and worthy once the actors have finely weathered the obstacles they may have encountered along the way.
Besides fame and influence, the film and television industry may afford wealth to successful actors, television or silver screen. In the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and some parts in Asia, acting, creative writing, and filmmaking are actually being taught in a university or film and television-exclusive institutions. Admission is highly competitive, but after graduating, the students may have a greater chance of landing a role in a movie or TV show. Some may be offered even as early as on their freshman or sophomore year.





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Art brings harmony into your life and soul. It soothes you, enlivens you, brings excitement and finds expression in a variety of ways. So much appreciated and so adored, art is a manner of satisfying one’s visual senses and crave for aesthetics.

No matter what kind of art you are fond of – architecture, painting, theatre, music, photography or fashion, you will certainly find peace, harmony and beauty in its fascinating world.
In the past, art was associated with crafts and sciences. In the modern world, art is a manner of self-expression and conveying one’s emotions, fears, dreams, aspirations or spirituality. It can also be a way of interaction with the external world.

Art can be interpreted or characterized by forms, shapes, movements, sounds and overall creative concepts.
The word art can provoke several different connotations and could be interpreted in a variety of ways. It may refer to the inspirational process of creating art. It can also mean a product of art or it can be associated with the effect that art itself has on people.

Art can be divided into several different categories on the basis of its overall creative elements. It can be still (paintings, design, photography, etc), it can be in the form of performance (theatre, opera, music, etc), or it can have mixed elements.
When it comes to classical paintings and old-time graphical representations, art fits into three major categories based on the historical period into which it belongs – classical art, medieval art and renaissance art.

Classical art features harmony and proportion. It tends to idealize the object that it portrays. Typically classical art does not present emotions and it depicts any type of individuals – from iconic public figures to heroes and ordinary people. Active figures were in the center of art and motion was typically depicted in a credible manner.
Medieval art is characterized by its more traditional perspective when it comes to forms and individuals. Very often medieval art conveys religious ideas and it has a clear focus on social hierarchy when individuals have been depicted. For example, public figures with higher social importance were depicted with larger proportions in comparison to other people. Minimal emotions and single-color backgrounds are other characteristic features of medieval art.

Renaissance art is characterized by religious or secular creative concepts that are often associated with nature and three-dimensional body figures. The interaction between light and physical objects was clearly depicted in renaissance paintings, and most depictions were plain, objective and incredibly symmetrical. Backgrounds were colorful and with a clear perspective. Individuals were featured either nude or fully clothed.

Nowadays, with technological progress, art has been presented from a different perspective. The concept of interactive and digital art is becoming more and more popular. Video games, web sites and digital graphics are turning into marvelous symbols of contemporary art.
No matter what kind of art you are a fan of, one thing is sure – art is a manner of relaxation and uplifting your spirits in the best possible way.









What a better way to express your emotions through movement than dance! For many years, dance has been considered one of the most artistic and fascinating manners of self-expression. It can be rhythmic or tranquil, seductive or enlivening! It has the ability to empower you, lift your spirits and make you dream. It will certainly blow your worries away and bring positive energy into your life.
Dance can be improvised or masterfully choreographed. It is a powerful tool for delivering non-verbal messages to observers. It can be a very artistic way of expressing turbulent emotions and passionate desires.

Dance can even tell a story if successfully choreographed.
There are different kinds of dance: ballet and tango represent classical, old-school form of dance. Break dancing is a street dance type and modern ballet is a contemporary kind of dance. Dance can be performed solo, as a couple or in a group. Salsa, disco, electro are just a few of the modern dance styles and they are characterized by vigor, energy and dynamics.

Ballroom dancing is an example of the irresistible combination of physical exercises and dance aesthetics.
Dance can be a source of pleasure or a manner of competition. It can be a part of theatrical performances or musicals. Very often specific dances require special costumes, especially when it comes to public performances. Salsa and other Latin dances may require you to put something sassy on, while tango and ballet will certainly want you to complete the magical rhythms with gorgeous, semi-classical, ornamented outfits. Break dancers will certainly fascinate the public with their casual style, with jeans and a t-shirt, while modern ballet will certainly provoke you to put something revealing on. As long as it’s age-appropriate, nothing could really prevent you from hitting the dance floor confidently, provocatively and in style.

Different dances have different origins. Ballet has emerged in Italy and is the product of the poetry, music and spectacles that were so popular in the country in the past. Subsequently, it has spread in France. African dances, for example, have appeared as a result of celebrations and rituals.
Dance is often performed as part of rituals and traditions. It has been an integral part of the culture of various old-time cultures and civilizations.

There is a legend that dance, in its form of a non-verbal communication tool, has been used to deliver signs in an unspoken way. Often it has been successfully used to deliver love messages, containing gentle ideas and passionate gestures.
Music is an integral part of dance. Most dances are accompanied by relevant rhythms but in some cases such as tap dancing, music is not necessary . In those cases, the body creates its own rhythm and moves according to it.

Various sports integrate dance in their routines. For example, gymnastics and figure skating contain harmonic elements similar to dance.



No matter if you dance for fun, competition or just experience its art effect, it will surely make you feel special! So dance your heart away when you get the chance!