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Travel is a big part of human life, because it happens all the time. In fact, simply using public transportation such as the subway, buses and even taxis to get from home to school or the workplace is already called travel. Some would even consider going on foot to be travel.

However, some people may be more familiar in another context of travel: Going to another country or state either by plane or ship, usually with luggage, for either business or recreation. There’s more to travel than just this though. Purpose of travel Depending on the person, there are a lot of reasons to travel. The following are some of the more common reasons, but there are still more. Traveling for pleasure or recreation is usually called recreational travel, and many people tend to take modes of transport that will allow them to see much of the place they are visiting, such as trailers, buses and off-road vehicles.

Tourism is another kind of recreational travel, though it may also include business travel as well. People who engage in this kind of travel are called tourists, and they’re defined as people who travel to places outside of their comfort zones or familiar environments for leisure, business or other reasons. Tourists tend to gravitate towards places they wont find in their usual environments or around their homes for the novelty of seeing something new. Some people also travel for academic and learning purposes, and are usually given special research grants to fund researchers and students while they are gathering information or studying for their project of choice.

Means of travel When traveling to another country, getting on an airplane is the transportation of choice for many because it’s by far the fastest mode of transportation, as a plane can cover several miles in a short amount of time.

However, when traveling through Europe or to and from Canada of the US, using the train or a land vehicle are also viable even if travel time is much longer. People would usually prefer to use their cars or personal vehicles as they provide more privacy than buses or trains. Another viable transport but is over the water with a ship or boat. For tourists and recreational travelers, this can mean a cruise ship, which is a passenger ship for pleasure voyages. However, there are other ships for travel such as the roll-on/roll-off, which are cargo ships designed to carry vehicles, including trailers and personally-owned cars. These ferry the vehicles over bodies of water from rivers to oceans.

Travel safety Keeping safe during travel is considered very important not only for the people traveling but for the travel experience itself. This is why airports and airplanes have safety procedures and why flight attendants will always explain the safety measures in the first few minutes of the flight. There are people who would go the extra mile of obtaining medical insurance and even registering in their embassy in the country they are visiting in case of emergencies, such as becoming victims of crimes. There are in fact people who prefer to drive towards the country they intend to visit in order to keep themselves safe if they feel uneasy about flying there.

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