In order to measure the efficiency of the workers in an organisation, it is important to make a note of their productivity on regular basis. Productivity can be defined in simple words as the measurement of the profit from the amount of work done by an employee over a period of time by using certain tools of input as given to him by the employer. There are various companies that use different parameters to test and measure the productivity of their employees in their organization. The target however remains the same for them, to increase it as much as possible.

Productivity has never been an issue for the hard workers. But to make sure that every one thinks alike and works for the benefit of the employer, the person who runs the company makes sure that he knows about the productivity of each of his employee in detail to make changes in it as and when needed. This kind of data can help the organization to maximise their profits overnight. There are special courses that many educational institutes all over the world run to educate people about productivity and help them take this as a career option.

There are many organizations who would hire a professional productivity expert to help them see what they are doing wrong. This will ensure that the employers can utilize their employees completely and increase their potential of making profits by giving same amount of salary to them. The work of the productivity manager is important in any company. He is the one who decides the work ethics to be followed to increase the productivity of the workers. He is also held responsible for the amount of the profits a company is making in a year. That is why people would hire the best available productivity manager to see their business growing every year on a consistent rate.

There is no use of working if the productivity of the workers is not measured properly. Such a business where productivity measuring tools are not incorporated in the operation model do not make much profit and even get closed in less time then expected. So, it is always wise to make sure that you have right resources to measure productivity of the work done in your company so that you can improve it as and when you want. A successful business model is always based on the productivity increasing methods that are implemented in running the operations of the business day in and day out to ensure the success.

Many learned scholars and researchers have confirmed that productivity is the most important tool to make sure that you run a business profitably. It is easy to follow the highly successful productivity strategies of the business giants to use them for your benefit by implementing them accordingly in your company. It is not the question that whether your business is big or small, the question is whether you are making profit in it or not. The answer to this question lies in the fact that you pay proper attention to the productivity in your business. If you do then there is nothing else that can stop you from making it big in due time.

Understanding Hypnosis


Understanding Hypnosis—What Is It and What It’s for

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is a procedure that brings a person to a state of trance and high mental focus. This procedure should only be done by a professional therapist. The technique involves use of suggestion that brings the subject to relaxation. Unfortunately, some movies and television shows portray this procedure erroneously, using unusual methods and tools. In real life, however, it is used in psychological therapy to reduce sensation of pain and to abate anxiety.

Purpose of Hypnosis

One of the popular medical applications of hypnosis is for treatment of anxiety. It works in this case as it brings the patient into a state of relaxation, which helps quiet down brain activity that gives rise to anxiety. This is important in patients who are about to undergo surgical procedures. Surgery triggers anxiety in many patients, and one way to put a lid on the jitters is to perform hypnosis.

Clinical studies now assess the effects of hypnotherapy in the management of pain caused by a wide variety of disorders such as migraines, cancer, and abdominal problems. In addition, research also aims at finding out whether this technique can actually be used in treating sleep disorders, drug addiction, bad habits, and eating problems.

The Procedure

A lot of people think that hypnosis involves someone swinging an amulet in front of the subject until the latter falls asleep. In reality, it does not work that way, and it certainly does not involve some witchcraft ritual. Professional therapists who conduct hypnosis don’t have special powers or magic. They carry out the procedure in a standard way. For the procedure to be successful, the subject should cooperate.

Dangers of Hypnosis

Hypnosis may tax the subject’s brain in some cases, especially when done by an inexperienced coach. Reported bad effects of the procedure include headaches, dizziness, and anxiety. A few people suffer from false memories due to hypnotherapy that has gone wrong. Therapists should employ caution when subjects into regression. When this method goes wrong, memory distortion can occur. On the other hand, hypnotherapy is never suggested for severely mentally ill people.

Before the procedure, the therapist should explain the process and its goal. He then proceeds by talking in a soft voice and making the patient imagine images that bring about peace. The patient needs to reach a receptive state for hypnosis to be successful. The therapist gets on with the goal of the procedure and suggests possible ways to resolve the patient’s issues. During the receptive stage, the therapist or coach facilitates visualization of images that will motivate the patient to meet his goals or resolve his problems. Take note that during this state, the patient is actually conscious and aware of what is going on. In fact, he definitely will remember the events that transpired during the whole session.

At the end of the session, the therapist shall rouse the subject from the state of trance, but in some cases patients are able to come out of trance on their own.

Trained people can bring themselves to a hypnotic state. Self-hypnosis is applicable during instances when it is impractical to call a therapist. People who suffer from frequent migraines or anxiety may benefit from self-hypnosis. Nonetheless, it remains imperative to consult a professional.



Gardening is the act of tending and maintaining plants, trees and similar greens in a garden or in any spot where it is possible. Plants that gardening includes are a wide array. It can from edible ones like fruits and vegetables to decorative flowers and greens. Specializing on a single plant for gardening is an option as well.

Gardening gives added aesthetics to a place, be it residential, commercial, or in public places. It can be a hobby, a profession or a source of income depending on the individual doing it, known as a gardener. There is no required licensing for gardening. It is a free form of relaxation or pastime that anyone can engage in.

The Basics of Gardening

Gardening is a simple activity yet it requires commitment. It needs maintenance and effort since it is not there to stand only for a short period of time. Nurturing plants is needed in gardening. Although it may cause a person to spend a few bucks at the beginning, satisfaction is guaranteed in the end anyway.

To begin gardening, a proper and healthy location must be provided. This refers to having well-lighted area (sunlight) with soil that can sustain plants’ lives. If preferred, potted soil can be purchased. Indoor gardening is also an option, as long as sunshine and other basic needs can be supplied. Moreover, gardening should also consider how water is accessible for plant nourishment and for the gardener’s convenience.

Once these are settled, deciding on the greens to be planted is next. It may be on specific plant specie or a variety. Every seed or seedling to be used in gardening requires different planting instructions. In any case that there will be doubt, asking for help and instructions from the suppliers can be done in order to be assured that it will live and be healthy.

Gardening can be laborious when it comes to caring and tending. For one, watering plants and making sure they meet all their needs are essential for daily gardening. Weeding and putting fertilizers must be regularly done as well and are a part of gardening maintenance that is to be done religiously.

Benefits of Gardening

Engaging into gardening comes with several perks. Not only does it become beneficial to people, it is also the same for the environment. One of the most evident importances of gardening is the health advantages it brings to the gardener or to other members of the household. Since it involves physical work, it can be a good form of exercise. It burns calories and it is even better since it is done on a daily basis. Another health benefit from gardening is its ability to relieve stress. As a form of pastime, gardening helps alleviate worries as it aids in relaxation.

Furthermore, gardening gives another benefit from how eco-friendly it is. Having greens at home helps purify air and can also filter out allergens and pollens that can harm people. Gardening becomes useful to nature as it is one activity that gives off no harm or threat to the environment.


Astrology and how it can affect our life

Astrology is one of the many fields of study that have baffled people for ages. Falling under the category of metaphysics, astrology is a field of study that deals with what is beyond the physical. Quite similar to other fields of study that are based on ancient theories on patterns of energy such as feng shui, it has been believed to be a science of the intuitive arts.

Astrology is the study that deals with the patterns and relationships between the motions of the planets in relation to the birth charts of people. It aims to find meaning in people’s lives that is believed to be related to the make up of the stars and planet. According to studies in astrology, the movements of the planets affect and influence everything that happens in this world. As we are part of the Universe, our time of birth would be affected by the energies going about due to the movements of the planet.

Though it is not that easy to understand, many take astrology as a means of getting to know oneself. By delving more into the world of astrology, one may get a deeper grasp of one’s role in the world. By looking at their birth chart in relation to the Universe, one is given more insight about oneself.

Though very confusing when studied initially, it is important to look at the three most significant parts in a birth chart. One should be looking at the planet, sign and house. With the interplay of all the three factors, you could get to know yourself better and understand why you choose to act and think in certain ways. It will also give you an insight as to why there are certain people you can jive with, while there are some people you simply cannot stand. As each person has their certain mark in this Universe, each person also has certain people with whom they have chemistry with. With Astrology, one can get a better idea as to how one can better deal with others.

With the use of Astrology, one can be have a better understanding of their role in this world and a deeper grasp of their relationships with the people around them, be it family members, children, friends, co workers and partners. By putting two birth charts together, one would be able to see what parts of their innate nature would coexist in harmony or create conflict. With this, both parties have an insight as to what to expect from the relationship and learn to handle whatever problems or conflicts might come their way. One can never be truly sure about a person even with Astrology. But it is good as a guide so people are more prepared for any possible outcomes in any relationships. By having a basic overview, one would be able to have a better control of one’s own destiny and what is in store in the future. That way one can be assured that the future will definitely be something meaningful and worth looking forward to.




What is etiquette? We hear that word a lot in society, especially in fancy gatherings and laces, but what exactly does the word mean, and what does it entail?

Etiquette, in its most basic form, is a code of behavior or social convention expected from a person by society and in certain situations. For example, you’re expected to act and speak a certain way depending on your social standing or profession. This may seem very old-fashioned and outdated in our modern society, but following etiquette is a sign of good manners, and having good manners will never become old-fashioned.

Because of this, there are several different types of etiquette made for different occasions and people.

Business etiquette Displaying proper etiquette will always help you on a business venture with another company or group, as this will always be part of your first impression. A handshake will always be appreciated, as well as introducing yourself properly, remembering names and generally being polite. Sometimes, if you’re dealing with someone with a different cultural background, an appropriate cultural greeting such as a bow when meeting Japanese people will also help you get appreciated by your business partner.

Meanwhile, in the office, it’s best to get along with your coworkers by dressing appropriately, respecting other peoples’ privacy, keeping your work area neat, and always asking before borrowing. This way you wont be viewed as a nuisance or a problematic worker.

International etiquette Etiquette in your hometown will not be the same as the behavioral codes in other countries, so keep this in mind if you’re planning to travel. It’s best to stay informed about how etiquette differs from culture to culture as not to offend people. When in doubt, do some research.

Netiquette With the ever-increasing popularity of the Internet, there’s also a need for unspoken rules of conduct. Just because you’re protected by the anonymity of the Internet doesn’t mean you can offend people as you please.

For example, typing in all caps and using large font sizes are considered obnoxious because these are viewed as the text equivalent of yelling, while posting off-topic and hijacking discussions in a forum thread are viewed as extremely rude and embarrassing to the topic’s original poster. Respecting someone’s privacy is also a must, so sharing information marked as private is always frowned upon.

Cell phone etiquette Have you seen all the warnings to turn off your phone before viewing a movie? There’s a good reason for that: A ringing cell phone can disrupt a movie experience for a lot of people, including yourself. This also goes for other social gatherings and places, such as weddings, libraries and doctor’s offices, since using a cell phone here will be viewed as rude and disruptive to the proceedings.

Answering your cell phone while speaking to someone else is also considered rude, even if you’re in a casual setting. After all, this can send the message that the other person is not as important to you as the one you’re currently speaking to on the phone.

Other important notes
• Physical appearance is important, no matter the situation. Dressing appropriately is a key factor in someone’s first impression of you. • Avoid nervous tics or bad habits. • Politeness and respectfulness goes a long way.

Dating Guide


Dating is probably one of the most important parts or a person’s life nowadays. Why? Because it’s both a form of courtship between two people and part of the maintenance of a couple’s relationship. A relationship can be both formed and maintained by going on dates, which makes them a very big deal in today’s society.

Forming a relationship through dating Probably one of the more important parts about dating is the “first date”, as it becomes a formal introduction of two people who have an interest in each other. With the first date, a person can form an impression of the other party and decide whether they want to continue with this courtship or break it off immediately.

Some people tend to follow some steps or guidelines while dating, usually called the “rules of dating”. There are no universal rules, but just some things that people tend to agree on.

Some of these rules are as follows:
1. Don’t rush things. This includes sex on the first date, moving in immediately or even jumping into a wedding without letting the relationship have time to grow. 2. Talking about previous partners is considered rude and inappropriate for a date, because nobody likes to know that their date is still thinking of those who had come before them. 3. If a date, the relationship or the partner is not an ideal one, then it’s best to break it off politely and gently. 4. Don’t lead a date or partner around. If it’s just sex, then that should be clearly defined.

Maintaining a relationship through dating Even if people have been together for a long time, going on dates is still a good way to maintain a relationship and even strengthen it, because there’s still something special when it comes to going out together and having a moment alone.

For married couples with children, life can be so busy that during the day there is usually no time to talk to each other, and so dates become a way to them to reconnect and reaffirm their love for one another.

Some couples would even try to recreate their first date or their favorite date when they were still in the courtship phase. These dates can range from dinners in favorite restaurants or homemade meals at home to second honeymoons for married couples. Second honeymoons are usually done by the couple for the couple and without their children, much like they had their first honeymoons after the wedding.

Double dates or group dates Instead of having only two parties, these kinds of dates can have more than two people meeting together in the hopes of finding a romantic or sexual partner in the participants. These are usually organized by two or more people, who then ask their single or unattached friends to join in.

These kinds of dates are becoming more popular nowadays because it helps the participants feel more comfortable when speaking to others because there are familiar faces they can depend on. Some would even say that these dates are safer than single dates, as having friends around can increase security when it comes to dealing with strangers.

Online dating Another method of dating that is becoming more popular with the rise of the Internet is online dating, or meeting people through websites, forums and chatrooms. This is very popular because the Internet allows for communicating with others without having to leave home and offers some security.

However, there’s a danger to online dating, because since the Internet offers anonymity, there’s no real way to determine whether or not the other party is who they claim they are until a face-to-face meeting.

Dating Guide

Mp Technology


Mp Technology and Audio

Technology has changed our lives in different ways. There are many recent innovations that have left us wondering about their inception. People get amazed when they use these services and products for the first time. We are going to discuss about the advancement that science has made in the field of music.

People love to listen to good music. Music has the ability to change our mood to a great extent. There are different instruments that we use to play music in our house. The stereo systems and cassette players were the most common of the music players that every person uses to own a few years ago. However, technology has changes the way we listen and play our music nowadays. With the invention of music compact disks, the way of listening to music and the quality of the sound that we use to hear from the traditional music boxes and machines have really improved.

The Mp Technology music is a format of storing files digitally. It takes less space on the memory bank which could be a hard drive of a computer, pen drive, memory cards and other mediums of data storage. The best part about Mp Technology music format is that it not only takes less space but also improves the quality of sound that we listen when we play that particular music file in Mp Technology format. Mp Technology has changes a lot of things for music lovers. The compact devices which can play Mp Technology music and audio files are carried by people easily and fit in their pockets. People can access music from anywhere at anytime of day or night.

You can easily observe people with headphones in their ears to listen music in a park, train, bus, road, work place and even while sleeping. For those who are worried about expense to be incurred on buying the gadgets that plays Mp Technology music and the cost of buying music for these gadgets, there is good news. It is really cheap. Yes, you heard it right; you can buy a Mp Technology player with thousands of songs in it to choose from at as low as 10 dollars today in the market. Guess what, it comes with a guarantee too for full one year. Want more, you can download free Mp Technology music as you please from any of the free music downloading websites on the internet. Isn’t that great!

Mp Technology and Audio are becoming an essential part of every one’s life. It has successfully acquired its reputation over a period of very short time. It is convenient, cheap and easy to use. There are still many other options in the market which let you choose the best available method of listening to music that you can pay for easily. But, Mp Technology and associated audio devices are still popular among people. It is not inappropriate to say that science has really given us a really wonderful gift in the form of Mp Technology music formats which has helped people to enjoy their lives more conveniently.


Mp Technology




Abuse is a word we see a lot nowadays, most especially in the media. In general, it means the improper treatment of something, usually for the wrong purposes. However, there are in fact different types of abuse depending on the situation and context, and each of them has their own consequences.

In this article will be some of the more known uses of the word, and in what context it is being used.

Discrimination and Prejudice This type of abuse details out the judgment of others based on their appearance or social standing, and one’s treatment of them as if they were less human than others. Even if the other person is an upstanding member of society, those prejudiced against him or her will only focus on the traits they don’t like and continue to judge him or her due to this. As such, this type of abuse tends to be a very controversial topic, and can lead to bullying or hate crimes.

Discrimination and prejudice can be further divided into the following:
• Sexism or bias against a person based on their sex; • Racism and ethnic discrimination or bias against a person’s race or ethnic origin; • Sex, gender-identity and gender discrimination or bias against a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity; • Religious discrimination or bias against a person’s religion; • Age discrimination or bias against a person’s age or age bracket; • Disability discrimination or bias against people with disabilities in favor of those who do not; and • Classism or bias against people of different social or economic standing.

Sexual abuse Another very controversial topic, sexual abuse is the forcing of the sexual act or any other kind of sexual behavior on an unwilling party. Some see sexual abuse as another term for rape and sexual assault and use them interchangeably, but in fact, sexual assault is abuse that happens quickly or infrequently, while rape is considered a specific offense under sexual assault.

Sometimes, sexual abuse can stem from abuse of power wherein a person of authority forces an underling to engage in unwanted sexual activity. There may also be bribery or threats to better force someone to do so, but as long as it is unwanted or not consensual, it still counts as abuse.

Bullying Bullying is in fact a form of abuse, as it makes use of force or coercion to either harm or intimidate other people. This is usually done to either establish power and in some cases the harm done doesn’t have to be physical, as some bullies tend to resort to words to emotionally debilitate or humiliate others if they’re not the type to resort to physical violence. Bullying can also happen repeatedly and regularly if the bully or bullies find one particular target beneficial or gratifying to abuse.

One of the more common forms of bullying takes place in school, usually done by students to other students, though sometimes even those in a position of authority such as teachers can become bullies themselves.

Substance abuse Also known as drug abuse, when the user consumes illegal substances or legal substances that have not been approved for them by professionals, it’s called abuse. When gone unchecked, the person may develop an addiction and continue to need the substance.

Whether or not the person develops an addiction, there will always be symptoms and consequences that may become life-threatening in the future. Some of these are health problems, social problems, violent tendencies and even death.

Domestic violence Sometimes also called spousal abuse and family violence, domestic violence tends to happen within the home, whether or not the parties involved are married. In fact, the abuse of a family member intimate partner or lover is still called domestic violence.

Harm done to another person can be physical, emotional, verbal and even sexual, but some would consider stalking, harassment and unlawful imprisonment to be part of domestic abuse as well.



How to Help in Conservation

Much has been said about the need to conserve the earth’s natural resources. The world now knows that they are not unlimited. The need for conservation is not just a result of man’s abuse of nature. It is also brought about by many other factors such as natural disasters and numerous centuries of providing people what they need. It does not really matter anymore for one thing is certain. People need to conserve.

The Types of Conservation

There are many different types of conservation for there are many kinds of natural resources. It is just unfortunate that conservation methods for certain kinds of resources can have negative impacts on others. But, among the most popular types of conservation are water and energy conservation. There’s also conservation of wild life, which pertains to animals.

How to Help Conserve

The main goal of conservation is to preserve and protect the earth’s natural resources. If you want to help in the process of conservation, you should know the background of the problem. Take note that your ability to help is maximized if you can persuade other people to help, too. You will only be able to do this if you can explain to them what the problem is all about.

The basic steps in helping conserve include:

Researching and Reading. There are many environmental issues today. You do not need to know them all at once. You can focus on one for now. There are also a lot of agencies that provide references and materials. Keep in mind that certain types of conservation aren’t getting enough support. It is best that you prioritize these.

Volunteer. If you have found an agency or organization to commit yourself to, you can participate in their activities by helping spread the cause. You can donate money and you can organize talks in schools and other venues.

Sharing the Knowledge. Sadly, the need to conserve may be a lot smaller if everyone gets to contribute. That is not the case and it would always help a lot of you could convince others to take part in the cause. Convincing even just one person can make a difference.

Do Your Part at Home. Of course, you should be the change that you want to see. At home, there are so many things that you can do to help conserve energy and water. You can start using eco-friendly products. There are energy-saving devices that will ultimately reduce your electricity bill, too.

Conservation Organizations

There are many organizations that focus on conservation. You can check them out online. Some of them operate internationally and some may be found in your town. It really does not matter because they all have the same goal and that is to preserve. Just remember that whatever type of conservation you choose to focus on, there are many other types of conservation. It would help a lot if you at least read about them. After all, you don’t just get to use one particular type of natural resource.




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If you’re looking to get your marriage dissolved, but you don’t know which procedure to choose, then it’s best to know about them first, especially divorce.

What makes divorce different
Annulment is a legal procedure that makes a marriage void, meaning it completely invalidates the union. That means that once filed and processed, there had been no marriage at all in the eyes of the law. Meanwhile, legal separation happens when a couple are allowed to live apart from each other yet are still considered married in the eyes of the law.

What makes divorce different from these two is the fact that not only does the couple have their union legally dissolved and the two individuals are allowed to marry again, but records of their previous marriage still remain.

Kinds of divorce
1. Fault and no-fault For grounds of a divorce, you must have proof that your spouse has done something that isn’t allowed within a marriage, such as cheating or adultery, and desertion, which are called “faults”. This used to be the only way to dissolve a marriage, though some jurisdictions still require proof of fault to allow a divorce.

The latter is the opposite of fault divorce. In jurisdictions that allow this, there’s no need to present proof of fault and this protects both the privacy and dignity of both parties. Instead, you and your spouse can either claim that the marriage has broken down (called “irretrievable breakdown”) or say that there are far too many differences between the both of you that the marriage has become irreparable (“irreconcilable differences”) without needing to explain why or provide details.

2. Summary If the two previous kinds don’t seem appealing to you, then there’s the summary divorce, in which the court takes into consideration a few important factors that would be grounds for a divorce. Some of these are:

• A short marriage (actual length depends on the jurisdiction); • No children, or custody has already been resolved outside of the court; • No real property or mortgage; and • Property of either spouse or marital property is under a threshold (usually $35,000, but not including vehicles).

3. Uncontested A little similar to the no-fault divorce, but with key differences: Both you and your spouse can come to an agreement even without lawyers or other mediators about properties and child custody. There will not be a trial and sometimes appearing in court isn’t needed.

4. Mediated A neutral third party called a mediator will sit in while you and your spouse attempt to resolve issues such as properties and child custody and support and works to help them come to an agreement. However, the mediator is not allowed to make decisions, only to help both of you communicate better, such as soothe tempers if an argument breaks out.

5. Collaborative In this, your lawyers will work together to come to an agreement for you. Both your and your spouse set your terms to your lawyers, who then attempt to settle the matter. If they cant come to a conclusion, then you’re allowed to hire a new one to represent you.

6. Default If you file for divorce but your spouse doesn’t appear in court for whatever reason or doesn’t participate at all, the divorce is automatically granted.

Any of these are viable ways of getting your marriage dissolved, but if you decide to go through legal means, it’s recommended that you get an experienced and competent lawyer. Going through a divorce is very difficult, even if it’s made simple by filing and signing papers and appearing in court, and having a good lawyer representing you can help take some pressure off your shoulders.

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